Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hey all. K I only have a few mins as I am at the library that is cheap on Internet time (half hour), but seeing as how Jen & Key have both blogged today i feel pressure to do so as well...that way you can read the same thing from three different persepectives. how fun is that?

OK, first of all - Fahrenheit 9/11..good but not brilliant..not up to par with Bowling for COlumbine, but definitely provides insight and a bit of the truth you'd never find by watching Fox NEws :) I think Moore was abit rushed with this film..he had a few deadlines he didn't want to miss..namely the Cannes Film Fesitval and the November a result I think his film was less polished than previous ones..but it is essentially a means to an end (seeing the end of Bush in office), so for that I give Moore kudos.

Last night we ran into an Aussie guy at the movies that we'd met about a month ago at the Beer Festival. Freakishly small town we live in...and he remembered my name..Crazy. Jen says it must be my hair....Maybe..but I don't know how my hair resembles the name 'Shannon'.

Keri & teh gals of Aberdeen are going camping tonight. I have opted not to go tenting on the beach. BAsed on past camping experiences I am quite sure I'd end up sleeping in the car..except there won't be acar, so I'd be shite out of luck. I will miss the smores though. No worries..Jen & I will find something fun to do..we haven't failed yet..generally fun for us = karaoke, dacing, drinking, eating, boys..any or all :)

Jen wants to make friends. I think we already have..we just have to keep Emma, Brandon, Vanessa, Aibhe oh, and Don teh Karaoke guy.

Next Friday I am going to a is a free night...a BBQ on teh beach with liquor supplied : Oh dear..I can just see this one going down in the books. Mental note: do NOT drink is excess when with workmates..especially if there are cute male workmates (and oh there ARE).

Did I mentio that my manager at work can read my emails v. easily.

Also - please do not send me large attachments at my hotmail accout....but PLEASE DO send me emails ..lots of them..or I willjust hav to boycott blogging :)

Scooter .... can you send me your email address to

K..gotta run to Woolworths (yep, they have them here complete with lots of candy)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what is considered "south of France"? I'm gonna start looking for flights there or Switzerland. Was there another place I was going to consider? Sorry on delay here, but I'm sure youcan understand what with all the changes suddenly occuringin my life ---Sahra---

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Anonymous said...

I see you went and saw Michael Moore's Fairy Tale? I guess you did not read the article I emailed you about all of the misinformation (read lies in the movie?)

Fox news is actually the only fair and balanced news network in the US. Not like the looney lefties like Peter Jennings and Dan Rather who give us slanted news and say it is middle of the road.

1 man's editorial comment.

Shannon Courtney said...

I seriously doubt that there is such a thing as a 'fair & balanced' tv network in the US as they are all privately rich peple who enjoy lovely taxbreaks from the current government. In all fairness I think to an extent one must be on the outside looking in to see the absurdity of it all at the moment as misinformation in America abounds. Yes, Moore is passionate and his film biased to the left, but I'd like to see someone sticking up for the 'little people'.

My reading recommendation for the week is 1984 by George Orwwell. IF it doesn't seem disturbingly familiar .....

But I digress..I am a bit too passionate about this subject myself

Anonymous said...

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