Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy Belated Canada Day!! I know it’s 5 days later, but its kind of been an extended celebration of Canadianess for our little trio.

So what did I get up to on Canada Day? Hnmm..a bit foggy on the stats, but I do believe I got up to a whole three drinks. I am ashamed. But what can you do? I think I expended all my energies on creating a kick-butt Canadian outfit and then simply forgot to do the Canadian thing and get wasted. Anyway, let’s talk about my outfit. I wore a pair of boxer shorts. They were Molson Canadian boxer shorts (from a 12-pack I believe) And I wore them as a top..a sa tube top. That is just how cool I am. Think I am taking after Sister Sahra in the faShan department. Keri & Jen have time they upload pics you can check us out in all our Red/White garb..not that there was much to mine ;)

So Keri, Jen & I headed out on July 1 to meet up with some other Canadians including Kathleen, Vanessa & Brandon. Keri had the Kathleen connection from uni days, which rocked because we’ve met some fab people through Kathleen (and she is fab too!). SO, after gorging on crisps, garlic bread & peanuts, sipping a wee bit of wine and singing a rousing rendition of Oh Canada, we headed out to the Globe, a pub just off the Royal Mile that had converted itself into a Canadian Karaoke bar for the efvening. A mass of red & white, bad singing, bottled Labbatt’s and masses of Canadians. Could it get any better? I don’t think so.

On the way home, Keri declared (for the first time in over a week( that she was hungry and wanted chips. Jen & I were a bit concerned about her lack of eating so we willingly agreed to walk the length of Rose St to visit the Chippy. Just as we were approaching the Chippy, which turned out to be closed), a rather inebriated young guy approached us and asked for money so he could get a bus. He offered chips he’d just got at the Chippy (obviously b4 it closed). Keri took the bait and chowed down the chips (w/assistance from Jen& I) . A minute later he approached us again and offered us his chippy burger (a bun with chips inside (go figure..Anit-Atkins reigns over here..woohoo!!) . Keri willingly took it while I handed him over a pound. And, as we were enthusiastically enjoying the Chipy burger, Ms K Shields demonstrated her that she is indeed always fully able to calculate the risks related to taking food from strangers as her comment to us indicated: ‘We should be careful, this burger could be laced with cocaine’. Yes, yes, thank goodness for Keri..her sensibility has saved us a thousand times over. Chippy burgers & cocaine, such a common pairing…how could we have been so careless???

Anywho, I opted to take Friday off (with pay..thanks to flexi-hours) and found myself running errands (literally b/c I got lost on way to see a flat) and registering w/ doctor. I also phoned home to talk shop with Sister Sahra about our October Adventure. As the day went on I realised it could only get better…little did I know HOW much better, until Jen got home and we got dressed to hit the town with her workmates (I love tagging along!). I wore a skirt for the first time in about two years, and if I do say so myself..those past four months at the gym gave me leggy legs. Due to fact that we were getting up early the next day to head for Aberdeen I soberly/sensibly told Jen at the outset of our night that I wouldn’t be drinking much. Hahahahaha. I laugh now b/c I realise the absurdity of that statement. But can I help it when a bunch of construction workers keep putting pints of beer in front of me? Wouldn’t it be rude to refuse? A waste of booze? And so, Jen & I drank, we chugged, we sang the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme song and had a ball. The night, as usual, ended at Filthy’s, where the karaoke guy noted that this was first time he’d ever seen me in skirt. So I guess it is true..skirts get more attention. Will have to consider this in future. Oh..added bonus of being smashed was that one of Jen’s workmates carried me half way home. And I ate 3 Hobnobs without feeling guilty.

Satruday & Sunday = Aberdeen with fab gals & guy from PEI. Was actually a pretty chilled out weekend, but thoroughly enjoyable. Aberdeen is gray & granite. It is rich, and it is all about oil. They have a huge beach area w/tonnes of American style restaurants, gambling for the whole family and carnie rides. I got addicted to one of the gambling games…snagged myself a whistle & gun key chain.

This week we have a visitor from PEI (Jared) and are planning to fill each night with truly Scottish outings like quiz night, movies, karaoke and drinking.

Well, must spend last few minutes of lunch calling around about flats. Will write again soon..


Jen said...

Your description of Keri's cocaine-chips almost blew my I'm-taking-a-break and browsing the web cover as I struggled to not snicker and bust a gut laughing. Kudos! They are talking about the song Big Yellow Taxi at work. They must know. ;)

Anonymous said...

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