Monday, July 12, 2004

Today marks two months since we first arrived in Edinubrgh (Thank you to Ms Shields for that little heads up). So yeah..time flies when you’re having a blast. the same time, when I consider how much we’ve done and what we’ve been up to over the two months I am kind of astounded. We’ve been filling our weekends up with worthwhile pursuits such as travelling, checking out Edinburgh, singing karaoke, executing sophisticated plans and figuring out how to get more free liquor. Have also landed myself a career-enhancing job doing data-entry. So, in conclusion…am quite pleased with progress so far.

OK – onto the daily (almost) update re: life in Edinburgh.

This weekend was actually quite tame. And by tame I mean no nights ended at Filthy McNasty’s and I did not need anyone to carry me home. Jen & Shan definition it was quite tame. (Sidenote before continuing with narrative. At this point you may be wondering Where in The Wrld is Keri? Because many of my tales seem to start and end with Shannon & Jen…. Well, let’s just say that in some cases Keri’s been up to more worthwhile pursuits such as camping /exploring and in other cases she’s been sucked in by Big Brother or wisely opted out of spending her evenings with us loons)

Saturday day Jen & I ventured out to Leith. Leith is an area in Edinburgh that has, in past, had bad reputation, but is now getting a is on the waterfront so has potential to be lovely tourist attraction. Of course, we went there for the attractive shopping option (i.e. a real bona fide mall). Jen & I bonded over purse buying..actually my purchase was more in the ‘bag category’ and I absolutely heart it!! We wandered the streets of Leith a wee bit, but not sure we saw anything worth mentioning.

Saturday night was a club crawl. Not much to report on this occasion as we were much too sober to do anything too outrageous and, as we discovered, there are better venues in which to be scandalous and/or execute sophisticated plans(i.e. pubs or karaoke venues).

Sunday, amongst other things we (Jen & I) did a free personality test..just to confirm that we have them. Well, as it turns out I did the test about 5 years ago when I was in Vancouver. Is test designed by Church of is designed to convince you that you need help to become better person..and signing over cheques to the Church is best way to accomplish this. Anyway, too bad for turns out I am v. stable, happy, active, aggressive (in good way J), etc. On only one out of ten measures was I below what they considered ‘acceptable’..and..get this ..was on Responsibility as it relates to work. Well..I wonder why?????? So they tried to sell me a book..but being the happy, stable person I am I saw no reason to fork money over to the Church so for any self-help… We’re the worst customers for them..if you are happy with yourself aren’t going to buy into their gimmicks...

Oh..we also did quiz night and I surprised myself by knowing that Angela Lansbury played Elvis’ mom in Blue Hawaii..OK was purely a guess, but still. Unfortunately was not in the cards for us to win top prize, although we did decently well..coming in third out of maybe ten teams. It helps when you have locals with you J

Today, while I pound away at the keys for pounds/hour..Jen is pounding the pavement in search of a new home for us waywardly Canucks. She is fab…fabulously Jen (thank you Jen !) So, by Thursday, could be operating from a new base. Sigh..just when you start to get comfortable..ah well..the life of a traveller I suppose. And, truth be told, I love it!


Jen said...

I did it... I found us a place that I actually heart! I thought I was a bad person to flat hunt because accommodations rarely get me excited, but this place kicks ass and totally makes up for the earlier disapointments!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Waiting with baited breathe for details. I'm guessing there's a Filthy McNasty's within staggering distance? Do tell all.

Shannanigan's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

No time to write right now but your mom tells me that you're not using hotmail anymore. Are you using another account?? Just thought I'd email you to see what is going on and fill you in on stuff.


Shannon Courtney said...

HEy RAna,

Great to hear from you! I am still using hotmail, just not as regularly...maybe once or twice a week as opposed to every day!! Anyway, would love to hear from you and all about your travels to Syria so just write me at!!

Take care,