Thursday, July 15, 2004

Here are photos of our new abode. FOr the time being I am in Bedroom 1:

Our house-warming party will be July 31 - the theme is funnels & pirates. Now we just need some friends to invite :)

As of late JEn & I have been trying to do a few more good deeds. LASt Saturdsay we went to Sainsbury's and bought 5 choclate cupcakes which were on sale. WE decided we would give one of these scrumptious cupcakes, which was adorned witha footbal/soccer ball candy on top, to teh old man just outside asking for money. JEn tried to give him teh said cupcake, but he refused saying ' Oh no I can't eat cakes, I'm a diabetic.' After that fiasco in doing good we were a bit reluctant to try agian, but last night we had chance to redeem ourselves by running (literally) to the aid of a good friend. Chocolate and cookies were chosen gifts this time and were well recieved.

Oh, also in the success department for last night:

I learned how to properly kick and drop-kick a soccer ball.

We (Keri, Jen & I ) also recovered an absolutely lovely white dresser from just down the street, which appeared to be set out in the rubbish. Clearly we haven't lost all of our Island woman's trash is another's treasure!! I can't imagine how we'll get it to our new place..or up the three flights of stairs..hopefully Keri & JEn wil have figured this out by the time I get home. Keri having called in..ahem.."sick" today and Jen on her last day of unemployment, I am the only working woman of the day..and I use the term working v. loosely..but I am AT work, which counts right?!?

Tomorrow night is big work gettting excited about prospect of eating BBQ food, being near/on a beach and Bonding with the other people on the Bonds team (pun not intended...but it works well doesn't it?) Am only slightly concerned that free drink will result in embarrassing moment(S), but am reassured that while drink may result in me doing outrageous things, it will also eliminate any inhibitions/concerns I might have regarding such I plan to drag Keri & Jen into the mix once we hit the town, so all is good!

I have opportunity to go see the show 'CATS' for only 10 quid b/c of work special. Should I go? Am not so much a Cat person as I am a Dog person, but they haven't made a 'DOGS' musical yet have they???? Am thinking I should immerse myself in some culture..other than the drinking one..any opinions??

Was going to write something else but has completly slipped my mind at the mo. Oh OH..I took a few secs and now I remember. Right, so I may have second job for the month of August selling tablet, fudge & chocolate on the Royal Mile to suckers who are willing to pay outrageous priec for sweets (i.e. North American tourists). My workmate, Scott, did this two years ago and made about 100 quid a there are the free samples to be considered. Scott mentioned it may be a wee bit illegal and there's a chance we may have to run from the police..but hey, what's the sense in being fit & going to the gym if you can't use it to your advantage every once in awhile??


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