Saturday, August 28, 2004

Hello All,

K this has to be a quickie as I am at the library, but almost out of time. SO I don't ahve to write a tonne of emails telling people my plans for visit home at Christmas, here are the basic details:

Arrive in Halifax on December 6 at 16.45

Depart Halifax on January 10 at 17.20

I am flying with Continental, which means I have a stopover in Newark. I will try to contain my enthusiasm regarding entry into 'America. Lucky for me I am taking same flights as Jen. Woohoo!

So...yeah I have just over a month in Canada!! I am excited, but I am already poor. The flight was not too too pricy considering the time of year, but lack of employment for a month (unless anyone has a job for me on PEI in December???) and rent due immediately upon return to this fair Scottish city are going to be a bit rough. Hmm..don't usually worry about money..after all it is just paper, but think I will have to cut back on a few things - like food. Oooh..or maybe get a second job. Ms Shields is now working 9-9 for the next few weeks at two jobs. ONe from 9-5, teh other from 5-9. THE fact that the jobs are at least half an hour form each other has nt deterred her..she is plannig to build a transporter by Monday. I should probably go help her out with that. Or I could go watch Brandon play in his softball tournament as it is a gorgeous day, not one to be wasted building futuristic machines....

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