Sunday, September 26, 2004

Is it a good idea to blog on an empty stomach? Alas, I believe it will be the way forward from now on as I am opting out of the whole 'eating' thing. OK..maybe that 's a bit of an exaggeration, but my eating will be severely limited for the forseen future.

Now, I know a lot of you are probably shaking your head saying 'there she goes again with her losing weight and food obsession.' HA. Well, for once you'd be wrong about my reason for not eating. This time it is, wuite simply, because the greenish-gray, leaf-like mouse that I saw scurry across our kitchen floor in August, decided to scurry across my foot last night. This time I felt it, but didn't see it. Jen was lucky enough to be within close proximity so as to receive the full blast of my piercing scream. Earlier that night I had been telling her that very few things freak me out. Spiders - no prob, I've read Charlotte's web. Worms - nah..unless they are being flung at me like Ryan Simmonds did back in Biology class. Men - rarely and enough said. But a MOUSE that scurries across my foot (and gets his little foot stuck in my sock at one point) does freak me out - enough to curb my kitchen visits by A LOT.

And yes, I had a few bevvies earlier in the night, but I know I wasnt imagining things this time...I wasn't thinking about mice at all, I was thinking about how much I like Peanut Butter & Toast.

Anyway..If anyone has suggestions about how we can get this mouse out of hiding, so Keri & Jen don't admit me for psychological testing, please let me know. Oh..but it has to be humane. As much as I don't like mice, I am pretty sure I want this one to live...unless I find it in bed with me some night.

So - in comparison to the mouse incident, the rest of the weekend was rather mild.

Friday evening was a night out at the movies. Hadn't done that in a was v. nice :) Jen was in Glasgow seeing her parents off at the airport. She came back with tales of good shopping and meeting the son of the man who owns Filthy McNasty's. Small world after all.

Saturday we ventured out in search of bargains at car boot sale. I scored four books and 1 real muffin tin. Be 'real' I mean it actually had some depth to it. Most of the muffin tins here are so shallow you could only bake cookies in them. Hmmm.

We then headed off to ASDA (read Wal-Mart). It was the most North American experience I've had since I arrived here (recall - I don't eat fastfood). I hated it and loved it. ASDA is basically a huge grocery store and department store combined. I loved the grocery selection and the make-your-own pizza concept. I hated the crowds of shoppers with ther huge carts and unhappy faces..oh and the smell wafting from teh fast food cafeteria. Ugh. It was a bit too remniscent of Wal-Mart at home. It reminded me of just how addicted we are to consumption. But is it an enjoyable experience? Nope. When I consider the atmosphere at the Charlottetwon farmers Market versus the Superstore or Wal-Mart, there is a remarkable difference. People go to the Farmers Market to shop, but they also go there to socialise. I don't think I've ever gone there without running into someone I knew. A lot more smiles and friendly chatter, healthier, fresher food. Oh, but you have to give up a bit on selection & cheapness.

Saturday night = Drinking & Dancing. For first time in long time actually felt v. popular..with invites from four different friends/groups of friends. Wooohooo..we are finally making a home here and a fab circle of friends. Anyway, in the end we somehow found ourselves at the Walk About where I decided it was time again for a Congo Line. Ole Ole! JEn lead again and it was pretty good..although short-lived.

Today is pretty mellow day - am just going to do a bit of shopping, then we are going to see Shawshank Redemption on the big screen.

NOw..did you think I'd possibly forget SISTER SAHRA?

HAPPY 28th Birthday from your younger SHISHTA!!! Looking forward to making a huge and embarrassing ordeal out of it when you come over next week. Rest assured there will be singing, excessive attention-getting and plenty of chocolate cake.

Best wishes for a fab year..I know you will make it so :)


Anonymous said...

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous said...
Shannon, we stole your Scotland tour book, shouldn't confess I suppose but it makes a nice souvenir(thanx Roy
Actually if we knew your sisters # i'd send it back with her.
Had a wonderfull time in Scotland,thank you so much for sharing your flat,your hospitality,your entertainment,
your vodka,your witiness, also give our thanks to Kerri, I'll thank her on her blog personally, if she ever blogs again (Ha,Ha)
I am going to make DEEP FRIED BARS tonite (maybe not)
Sincerely, Roy & Janet

Anonymous said...

Roy & Janet,

It was lovely to have you here in 'our home' probs on the vodka & entertainment. Thank you for the pizza, chipsm, popcorn, pin & company.
I would really like to have my Scotland book back as it was a presnt from a dear friend of mine and because it would be useful to my sister when she visits. Perhaps I can have someone drop by & pick it up...we shall see..will let you know!

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