Tuesday, August 17, 2004

So..leaving off from last blog post:

Following on farewell to Kathleen, us gals ventured over to the Speigel Tent, one of the many temporary venues that ahs been set up for the Fringe – the Speigel Tent is basically a beer garden, but there are a number of circus-type acts going on all the time..a bitof drinking and debauchery of the G-rated version! We were joined by Stacy, an American girl Keri knows from her days at the hospital (as worker, not patient!), Brandon (our Ottawaian friend) and his buddy, Gary.

Yeah….OK..sidenote here. I have a whole new appreciation for Canadian guys..maybe its just the Brandon & Grand are exceptionally cool dudes, but it is refreshing to find guys that want to actually DO things (like the movies, or quiz nights or just grabbing a pint..those kinds of things) & they are super RELIABLE. Like, you can actually make plans in advance to do things and they will show up or call. Plus, of course, they are Canadian, which is almost always a good thing. It is grand (pun intended). And while it may seem that I am indicating a lack of such qualities in guys form other countries this is not the case at all, but in my experience Canadians = Consistency..that’s all I’m saying. You’re all awesome no matter where ye hail from and I mean that!

OK..back to weekend in review. We called it an early night on Saturday due to our Altruistic Obligations for Fringe Sunday. We had all volunteered to help out at Fringe Sunday and were to be at the park by 9.00 am for a day of ‘family fun’. I don’t want to be too down about the whole experience, but I’m just not sure I’m cut out for the ‘Alturism’ thing….call me crazy but I really don’t appreciate being snapped at by staff members that are getting paid to run event for absolutely no reason. Seriously put a damper on my giving spirit. Pretty sure Jen & Keri had better volunteer experiences. IN any case, it was an amazing atmosphere and I did get a wee bit of chance to enjoy the acts. Highlights of the day included meeting 4 Canadian guys from NB & NS who were performing a comedy act. They had just been in Victoria-By-The-Sea the week before! We played the ‘do you know?’ game. But I suck..I don’t know anyone cool from the artsy scene on PEI..save for my brief encounters with Matt Rainnie & Ed Rashed when we used to ..er..frequent Fourplay. I also scored 6 sandwiches leftover from our free lunch. 2 bags of crisps and a bottle of carbonated apple juice (don’t ask..I haven’t tried it yet)

Yep..so that’s how the weekend went down. I was too knackered to partake in the late night party for Event staff & volunteers..instead choosing to watch a DVD (Veronica Guerin – excellent Irish film). Next time I volunteer, will be sure it is my cup of tea..like raising awareness of need for laws restricting unleashed dogs in the city.

Keri Shields is hilarious. Every once in awhile she actually gets around to writing a blog post and then she insists I read it. ‘It’s hilarious..I know I was funny..and its super long…You’ve got to read it!’ The humbleness of it all.

Plans for the rest of the week include – visitors from Aberdeen (Natasha & Holly), taking in Scotland vs. Hungary game in hopes of seeing/dancing with many men in kilts, multi-birthday bash, free BBQ and visit from Pam (recently returned from Oz!)