Monday, August 16, 2004

So its now been three months and three days since we left Canada, and it will be another 4 months minus 5 days before I return. This would be perfect time to reflect upon experiences so far. But I won’t bore you with such fluffy stuff…would only be fun for me!

So yeah..I booked my flight home. I predict massive success with weight loss ambitions due to lack of money for food. The price of being at home for Christmas. All I can say is it had better be BBQs galore and turkey overload when I come home :)

If Keri, Jen & I were really stars of a soap opera, it would most definitely be called ‘The Young, the Old & the Restless). Jen & Keri would be ‘The Young’, I would be ‘The Old’ and we’d all be ‘Restless’, although I think Jen would probably be Queen of Restlessness.

Yeah..OK, that as poor lead in to ‘Weekend Review’, but hey..we were pretty Restless and I did feel Old!

We had another BBQ in the park. It was delicious and v. enjoyable save for the bloody barrage of dogs that kept wandering over to our even licked my veggie burger. owners over here are rather inconsiderate..they had their huge, disobedient dgos ina park where people were eating and children were playing …and none of theme were on leashes!! Dogs on leashes are a rarity anywhwere in Edinburgh. Slightly annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs..its certain dog owners that peeve me off...the ones that don't own leashes and can't handle their dogs....

So, we began Friday evening at the C Bar..our favorite local (due to cool Canadian dude Grand) and had a pint or a vodka & Diet Coke..or in Keri’s case a quarter of a pint. She’s really becoming such a heavy drinker..we’re getting concerned. Anywho, we then moved on to Filthy McNasty’s wehre Jen completely surprised me (as if that’s possible) by getting Don to sing Happy Birthday to me. THE whole bar joined in and the turned the lights veryone could see my bright red face. But the truth is..I LOVED it..and the hug from cute bartender was added bonus. WE then blew that popsicel joint and headed to the WalkAbout, where we danced the rest of the night away on the stage. V. cheesy 80’s music and crazy Scottish guys who decided to do dance off to Bill Jean. Suffice to say it was a good night.

Saturday was pretty chillaxed (read – I was knackered from 4.00 am bed time of previous night). Keri bought a DVD player (woohoo) and we said our goodbyes to fellow Island Kathleen, who has been living here for a year & a half.

Shite..will have to get back to blogging later..lunch is over already


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