Thursday, August 12, 2004

OK, so there are 15 people on our team (2 blokes) and 3 of us have celebrated birthdays this week?!?! What are the odds? So, anyway,..that has meant massive amount of sweets at work and I'm still lacking in the will power (oops..meant to ask Mom to send that over in parcel..sigh).

ANywho, not a whole lot to report today.Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishses :) We're having a celebration of August-born persons on the far there are three of us (KEri, Grand and myself). Anyone else who wishes to join in is more than welcome!! Evening will begin with free BBQ courtesy of Bellevue Chapel...don't ask

We have another visitor this weekend...a repeat actually - NAtasha, oneof the girls from Aberdeen is making her way up from York to take in some of the festival and enjoy company of fellow Islanders :)

Today's Metro headline stated that Embryo cloning has been given the go ahead. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder whether I should have studied biology, but I don't like tha lab glasses or the smell of formaldehyde. On the other hand I actually enjoyed diseecting fetal pig in high school.

WIsh I could be wittier at the mo, but alas, in my old age am losing all sharpness of mind that I may once have had.

On that note...return later in the week for more blogworthy post. I'm trying people, I'm trying. . .

Oh.,.BTW . .I FINALLY got some photos developed only to realise that I still can't ppost them on teh web due to lack of scanner..and computer. a digital camera is looking v. enticing, despite my vehement belief that phots are meant to developed not displayed. May have to change my tune on that one..