Sunday, August 08, 2004

It is late Sunday afternoon now and an absolutely gorgeous day out..sweltering by Scotland standards and I just know I am going ot be red tomorrow because I forgot to wear sun block. At the moment I am a wee bit flustered..and by flustered I mean p*ssed off. I just spent ONE HOUR trying to cross a street. One bloody hour weaving through throngs of tourists in sweltering sun just to get across fifteen feet of pavement!!!!! SO, yeah..this may be a short blog, as am perhaps not so much in the mood to write anymore.

As for why it took me so long to cross Princes Streeet - Well, turns out the Festival Calvacade was this afternoon..unbeknownst to myself. BTW Calvacade = Paade but without cheesy commercial floats or free candy for on-lookers..serisouly what kind of entertainment is that ;) ANyway, so Jen & I were just returning from a show inthe Old Town and had parted ways so she could call home and I could blog. I decided to go down the Mound, which brought me to the middle of Princes Street, only to discover a giant calvacade proceeding along. I would like to say that I took the opportunity to stop, enjoy the show, relax and maintain patience about crossing street. But I Didn't. Patience..not exactly high on list of Shannon descriptors. SO, instead I erronoulsy started hiking toward west end of the street because I presumed there would be a crossing point. FOr anyone who doesn't know..PRinces Street is very very long. It is even longer when there are all sorts of old people and young people and big people and small people wandering around adn walking at a snail's pace. So I finally get to the end of Princes only to dsicover the calvalcade continues on and on and on... finish story in v. abrupt manner..I finally did make it across PRinces street, but only because the calvacade ended. Sigh. I am going to go have BBQ now and the dispoable BBQ we bought had better do a marvelous job at grilling burgers and hotdogs...

Oh, OK..i've setteld downa bit, so suppose I can tell you a bit about the adventures JEn & I have been up to this weekend...

If I could use three words to describe our adventures they would be, in no particular order: CAMPY, CRAZY & FANTABULOUS.

Friday night Jen & I went to see a Scottish Comedian named Criag Hill. HIs show was called One Man & A Kilt (or something like that) nad in the advert he was desribed as the 'campy'. Jen presumed campy meant 'funny & witty'. I, however, knew that 'campy' means, well, 'FLAMboyant'. And campy he was! An aboslutely hilarious show. HILLarious..get it! hahaha. OH dear. RIght, so then we headed to McNasty's where we ended up meeting a few new people and, of course, the regular crew of Irish bartenders and karaoke addicts. We sang Breakfast At Tiffany's, drank a bit more and then headed to an Improv show which was just so so. In true Shannon-style I accidentally/voluntarily chose ot embarass myself during the show by getting up during a game of 'Freeze' to take place of one of the professional actors to be in the show. It was short-lived fame..Andy Warhol like - fifteen seconds and, mercifully, one of the guys tagged me out. Never again will I say 'Freeze' out loud. NOt at an Improv show anyway.

Hmm.well woudl love ot tell you about last night because it absolutely RULED, but time is runnning out on INternet cafe. I am taking tomorrow off work as is better than taking off my BIRTHDAY..which is TUESDAY. Where did the year go? Seriously? How did twelve months pass so quickly???? Anyway, will try to write again tomorrow but only if weather is shite and I don't get peed off by lack of ability to cross a street.

Smooches! I miss y'all and wish that you could be here cause it is fabulous festivities (save for calvacade!!)

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Happy Birthday Shannon