Monday, August 23, 2004

Hey there! Twice in one day, not something most people can say v. often! IF you haven't checked blog yet today, you may want to read the post below this one (I swear, I'll have y'all trained someday soon..) back to weekend at hand. Saturday was in summary: relaxing, scrumptious, 'happy' (ie drink-filled), empowering, energetic & hilarious. That's all I am goin to say -that is that's fit to print :)

Please don't get the wrong idea, or conjure up some crazy hypothesis about what I'm NOT mentioning (even though, in truth this is exactly what I want each and every one fo you to do..I like to keep y'all guessing as it results in more emails!) I am still Shannon..sometimes I like to be a bit shandalous, but not OUTrageous :)

So, SUnday was pretty much a write off in terms of doing anything v. productive. although I did escort Jen to her new workplace (on a militarym base..the luck of that girl//first construction workers and now soldiers....) and while we were checking out the area I discovered that Scotland does, indeed, have grocery stores similiar in size to the ones back just have to live in the burbs for the privilege of being near them.

Oh, and we also checked out 'Dodgeball' advanced screening. HILARIOUS. LOL.NOt exactly intelligent humour, but good cleanish laughs and some great cameo the extrememly well-developed plot and actoin sections of the dodgeball elite made this a '2 Thumbs Up'

I am presently reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. It is one of those books that I am pretty sure will have a great impact on me. For one thing, there are two main charcters and one is an extremely intelligent gorilla who communicates through mental telepathy. Its about saving the world, which is just up my alley.

Yep. movies about walloping people with foam balls and a book about how us humans are destroying the planet - I'm all about consistency :)

So, we won't be seeing much of Keri this week - her job runs from 5 - 9 pm :( I just realised that means she has to work teh night of her worries, we will simply have to doouble up on the liquor afterwards right Ker-Ber?

At work today they were giving away samples of Cadbuyry Wafer Chocolate Bars..kind of like Kit Kats. I tooka few pieces, only to discover later on that they were GIVING AWAY full bars. I'd seen these much sought after bars, but assumed they would be charging for them. Sigh. ON completely related note, one of the women at work - the only one who seems completely addicted to dieting and is stick thin, told me I was losing weight.

Oh - right, JEn also noted that I talk about eating a lot in my if I didn't know that! ANyways, suppose I should curb such talk, or you'll all think I'm obsessed with food. true addictions at the moment : karaoke, the Walk About, blogging we'll leave it at that I think. #