Friday, January 19, 2007

On A Farm in Yarck

Three days have passed since I left the city behind in favour of Victoria's high country - where flatlands meet moutain ranges, where suits are few and cowboy boots are a plenty. Thusfar, my experiences have been nothing short of brilliant! I knew I was making the right decision even when some people looked at me like I was crazy for voluntarily subjecting myself to horse poo shovelling.

On Wednesday morning I took a bus to Yarck, which is 2 hours NE of Melbourne. It is not a town by any concievable standards - the two commercial enterprises are a pub and a convenience store. Jo picked me up and I was pleased to discover another girl about my age was already helping on the farm and would be there until Saturday. After a quick run into the bigger town of Alexandra (pop'n 2,000) we headed back to the horse farm and I got settled into my new digs. Then Jo (Joanne), Claudia and I set out on tractor to clear some brush from the horse paddocks. In the evening a couple of neighbours came by and we had delicious dinner of Chicken Thai Wraps.

Thursday the heat had dissipated and rain was coming down. This was a good thing, as the drought has devastated Victoria. We spent the day inside doing brain work, developing a marketing plan for a nearby Ski/Snow Resor. The cunundrum the last two years they've had very little snow, which happens to be their main attraction. Global warming lurches its head again.

Thursday night we took a walk through the farm at dusk and I saw some kangaroos! Jo was worried about one of her horses that seemed to be missing so we hopped in the 4WD upon returning from our walk and went on a horse hunt. We found her mare, then went looking for kangaroos. jo had nurrsed a baby kangar for an entire year, raising it as one of the family until it had ru away. That night she found a roo that behaved very unusually and thinksit was Molly, her belvoed baby angaroo. She showed us a video of a tv segment they'd done on the story adn it was sooo cute!!

Yesterday I finally got to shovel some horse manure, feed the horses, etc. I also did more brain work ad watched The Secret, an amazing documentary on self-development. It turns out Jo is v. big into self-development and I think we are learning things from each other. She's also v. concerned about global warming and wants to take action but doesn't know exactly how - we'vehad some great talks to date. Last night the experienced horseriders went for a night ride, while I went for a walk and Jessica, their 13-year old daughter came along with me. It is a beautiful place with hills and mountains surrounding. So peaceful.

Well, must get back to the chores! Later this week I'll be helping with a teenage birthday party and tonight I am going to enjoy a spa I think.


Jen said...

I'm so happy you are having a good time! All the best and hope the rest of your journeys go over fabulous as well =)

Wow, that sounded pretty formal, eh? Allow me to fix that.


The end.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs,

Just catching up with your adventures, sounds like fun!

Am off myself for a little holiday in Asia/NZ then will be going home to the bosom of Glasgow to live! The inevitable has finally happened and I have accepted a position with a bank there.

Will catch up with you soon.

Be safe,


Shannon Courtney said...

Hello friends!

Jen - thanks for the formal and informal versions of well wishing ! Hope you are doing well in PEI and enjoying it there (miracles do happen)

Gav- glad to hear you've found a home amongst the Weegies. Graeme should be campy happer. I mean happy camper. If you happen by Oz before May give me a shout by email and we can catch up.

Take care both of you,

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