Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Hotter Than a Snake's . . .

I am in Melbourne and it is the hottest day I've yet to experience in Australia. A sweltering 39 degrees, with no relief from any sort and a heavy day pack on my back, it was unbearable to say the least. But somehow I managed, between a Banana Smoothie and plenty of duck-ins to stores with air-con as well as a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria I managed not to dry up on the sidewalk.

Spent last night catching up with Tony, couchsurfer who came to PEI in March. This morning I caught up with Sara and we planned a bit more of our trip around Tasmania. Then I wandered around in the blistering heat until Tony came to town. We visited the gallery then went for a coffee (water for me) at one of the many alley cafes that Melbourne is famous for.

Afterwards we went to the Italian district and got some cheap cheap grub - thanks to Let's Go! And that, folks, is all she wrote for Melbourne this time round. Early tomorrow morning I take off for Yarck. Yes, Yarck. It may officially be the first Ý-named place I've been to. Soon I will be mucking out horse stalls in exchange for room & boar~d!


Anonymous said...

Surely you've been to or driven through York, Prince Edward Island? :)

Anonymous said...

It's freezing on PEI today; the coldest day this year. - 32 degrees with the windchill. I'd definitely rather be in Melbourne today.


Jen said...

lol Rae - I was trying to think of somewhere as well!

Anonymous said...

You smart bums, give a girl a break! York is boooorringg. Ah, but on my way to Yarck we stopped in Yea. Is in 'yay' we're in Yea. Too funny.