Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's All Kind of Starting to Kind of Come Together. Kind of...

Today I am sick. Literally. I have no appetite (yay!) and no energy (boo!). Last night I slept for 12 restless hours. And then I got up and went to work because I am a martyr to the cause. The cause being my bank account, which severly needs to be replenished. Anyways, it could be that I am sick because I've finally taken the time to realise tha I am leaving Sydney in less than two weeks to begin a rather long stint of travelling which will see me, amongst other things, shovelling horse poo, milking cows, picking grapes, lying on the beach, snorkelling and hanging out with the roos and koalas. Anyways, I don't know why I am freaking, I've got the first half of my adventure sorted...actually the first two months. For those that might be interested (eg. immediate family), here is my basic itinerary with noted links to websites that might be of interest to fellow travellers:

JAN 15 - Fly to Melbourne via Jetstar. Spend one or two days in Melbourne, exploring the city and hanging out with fellow traveller adn friend, Sara, who will be there watching the Tennis Open (yawn).

JAN 17 - Hop on a bus and head 2 hrs NE of Melbourne to a place called Yarck. It is here I will take on my first Helpxing stint, working on a Horse Training and Stud farm, called Avalon Reign.

JAN 26 - Oooh Australia Day! Also the day I head to my next farmstay which is apparently only a hop, skip and jump from my first stop! I'll be staying at Fawcett Country Cottages for an undetermined amount of time (hopefully about 3 weeks!)

FEB 15 - Head to Tasmania for two weeks of Island life! Meet up with Sara and do some couchsurfing and, hopefully, some more farmstaying!

FEB 27 - Back to MElbourne to commence our Great Ocean Road adventure. Renting a car, we will drive along the famed GOR and go onwards to Adelaide!

MAR 2 - Arrive in Adelaide and head to Robert and Lucie's vineyard (aka pieceoof paradise,), just south of the city.Tentative at the moment, but fingers crossed!

MAR 15 - Fly from Adelaide to Cairns after tearful goodbyes to Sara (assuming we are still on speaking terms after 4 weeks of travelling together!)

MAR 15 - MAY 1st ish - This is where it gets a bit hazy. Not much planned for this 45 day trek, but I'm confident it will all fall into place. Things usually do..althouhg often it's because you make them fall into place and.or just roll with the punches!

MAY 15 - Depart Sydney for NORTH AMERICA!!!

So I did a roghg budget - looks like I have a $24/day stipend if I am to make it through my 100 day travels without going further into debt. It's a good thing I am doing the farms and its a good thing I am getting a chunk of cash when I leaven this country.

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