Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're not in Kanada Anymore Toto.

Tomorrow, I am off to see the Wizard of Oz!!! Erm, I mean, the Land of Oz.

I am freaking excited and, more notably, I am not freaking. Normally, before departing on an adventure I get slightly stressed - the planner side of my personality can get a bit distressed prior to departure about all the 'what ifs' that can't be answered and 'what did I forgets' that really don't matter because we live in a disposable, consumer addict world where anything that has been forgotten can easily be replaced. Except passports and airplane tickets. Oh, and earplugs from North America.

I am especially excited about this adventure because I have a feeling I am going ot find something v. important at some point during my travels. I'm not talking about a pot of gold - at least not figuratively. Everyone knows travel is not about the destination, it's about the journey, but there's another thing that most travellers know but don't always admit - travelling usually BEGINS as a means by which to run away from something (such as a relationship or a career you don't want anymore )or towards something (most often, love). I don't mean to suggest that these catalysts for travel are bad reasons to take off - quite the contrary , because you always, without a doubt, learn and grow from travelling.

For me, the first two times I travelled, I think I was running away from things. I learned a lot about myself, some good - some not so good, in the times that I was in Europe. This time, however, after a extremely therapeutic 8 months on PEI, I found that I was no longer looking to run away from anything, but wanted to run towards something (not love, but something equally important). And so I found myself in Australia and now, I believe, I am rounding the last leg of the race where, at the fnish line, I know I will find the direction and answers I have been seeking. And that, in fact, is why I am so excited.

I will attempt to blog as often as possible over the next four months. Photos will be scarce, especially considering I only have a 35mm to get me through! you will just have to imagine how beautiful the scenery is and wait until I've created a slideshow for presentation when I get back to PEI! Hmmm...actually that's not a bad idea..

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