Thursday, January 11, 2007

Final Days in Sydney


It's my last day at work and I have a load to do, but I am beyond caring. Actually, I've been over 'it' for about two months now. Am I sad to be leaving Citibank? Nope, not really. The position I was in did not suit my skills at all and, in fact, often played up my weaknesses. It turns out I am not a details oriented person (go figure) and, although I am v. organised, I happen to have a unique organisational style which only I understand.

I did learn a few things - I now know how to deal with call centre agents to get the best results possible and how to utilise a gaming system to get the best deal via credit cards - will be employing this when I get back to Canada as I desperately need a lower interest rate! I've also become much much more proficient with MS Excel...and never want to use it again! Mostly my stint at Citibank reconfirmed what I already knew - I am not suited to working for a corporation and, in fact, am probably not suited to being employed as a subordinate. Ha. Unfortunately, I was also reminded that one must make sacrifices in order to pay off one's student loans and ensure one does not end up living on the street.

The only thing I will miss about Citibank is the people - they are brilliant. OK, I might also miss the free gym. And free food. And free booze. And free massages. But that's all.


Monday I had a bit of a leaving dinner, despite the fact that I will be back in Sydney for a week or two before I head home. I invited all the friends whose company I've thoroughly enjoyed since arriving. Shannon Courtney was finally able to make it to something I organised and I got a bit of a kick introducing him to everyone, but I think the novelty was a bit lost as everyone knew of his existence.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet, I've just been packing and trying to get other things sorted before I head off to the Land of No Dedicated Internet Connection (aka farms). This weekend, however, I'm planning a few final events with friends. Tonight it will be a girl's night down at The Rocks, which is laden with Irish pubs and hotels that have fabulous live music and, potentially, many Irish men ;) Tomorrow night will be an evening of Jazz in January, which is an annual event held in the Botanical Gardens - really looking forward to this as have become quite enamoured with live jazz since living in Edinburgh. Sunday night, my final night in Sydney, I will be going to see The Motorcycle Diaries in an outdoor cinema - a picnic, friends and great flick, what could be better?

So, yah, Monday is Departure Day. Shannon is seeing me off, maybe Brett as well. Had to do some last minute management of my Melbourne accomodations, so will be staying at a hostel for 2 nights, then off to the horse farm!

Um..I quess that's about it for now. Looks like the bedbugs might be back at the flat - downstairs bedroom this time. Me thinks it is good that I am leaving now! Oh, also- an update for the skeptics out there - I have not eaten anything that even resembles a sweet since Dec 31st, nor have I had even a sip of liquor. 12 days gone out of 120 - 10% of the way there!

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