Saturday, January 06, 2007

An End and a Beginning

I smell like men's cologne - DKNY to be specific. Unfortunately this is not because I've just returned from a hot date with an Aussie dude. Nope, it happened that I was cleaning my room and came across a sample of what I thought was perfume (my gay friend had given it to me). Hmmm. Apparently it was for men. Oh well. It still smells fab.

So, yes, one week until I leave now!!! Honestly, I am more excited about this departure than I was about my departure from Canada. Four months of travelling, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing fabulous places I've only heard of before. And then, and I must admit I find this odd, I head back to North America, which I am just as excited about. But maybe I have my reasons.

This weekend, was a nice, leisurely one. Since I've given up the drinking and indulging of sweets, I kept myself busy planning the trip, spending time with some of my favorite Sydney friends and just chilling out on my own. Here's a basic recap:

Friday - After work, Sara & I spent some time on the Net looking for the best car hire deals we could find. We ended up booking a car for our Great Ocean Road Trip as well as one for the time in Tasmania when we will be joined by Craig & Amo. Extremely decent rates. I am looking forward to having the chance to drive on the wrong side of the road again!!

Afterwards, we wandered through Surry hills and stopped in for a bite to eat at Wood & Fire. It turns out a Chicken Fajita pizza IS yummy.

Saturday - Morning jog and more planning, then I met up with Shannon, who took me out to Watson's Bay & The Gap (not the store). It was an absolutley beautiful day and the scenery was breathtaking. Thoroughly enjoyable! Shannon then dropped me off in Manly where I was to meet Sara and we were to have a BBQ on teh beach, but it kind of tunred into a bust as neither of us was hungry adn poor Sara with her fractured elbow and sunburn probably wasn't going to enjoy it much anyways. So we teetotalled at the German bar and then I headed home for a quiet night by myself- the first in a long time.

Sunday - BORING but necessary. Shopping for my last groceries, cleaning, packing, etc.

Tomorrow I am havinga bit of a leaving dinner, although I wil be returning to Sydney in May. Really it's just an excuse to see everyone and have a bite to eat at the Irish pub I've been meaning to go to since I arrived here!

The rest of the week should be exhausting - they've decided to run me ragged at work and I stil have loads of packing and the suck to get through. It''s a good thing I am SuperWoman. Ahem

Will keep you posted on my adventures as I've 'mostly' decided to take my laptop with me on my least for the first month. We'll see after that!

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