Wednesday, August 24, 2005 as of late life'ss been a bit like the Good, the Bad & the Ugly, except not really. More like The NOt So Good, the Good and the Really Good - an optimist's dreamworld really. Yeah, life has been pretty shantastic I must say..the only downside is that time has absolutely been flying by and it is starting to hit me that after 16 months or one and a quarter years I am nearing the end of an adventure that has exceeded all my expectations. I am leaving a place I now consider home and it is permanent. Sad. Very Sad.

So here is a list of the things that have been happening as of late or are going to happen in near future. I've categorised them for those readres who enjoy categorical postings :) The rest of you can suffer..sorry!

The Not-So-Good

  • Miss Jen MacPhail has now departed Edinburgh to go hang out with Mickey & Goofy in Disney World. She's the second of the original 3 to leave and it was all I could do to not cry when she got on the bus last night. Instead I went home and broke my candy hiatus and ate half a bar of chocolate. Jen is one of, if not THE, most awesome & hilarious people I know and I am so glad she is my friend. The fact that she will have free Disney World passes for her friends over the next year, has nothing to do with the praise I am heaping upon her ... none whatsoever. Once you've been doused with MacPhail energy & wit it is hard to imagine living without :(
  • Shannon has gained a half a stone. They measure weight in stones over here and it sounds better to state my weight gain in a measure that most of you won't be able to figure out unless you are ambitious enough to google the term. Rest assured it is a LOT of poundage to gain in two months..although it is also the total amount I have gained over my entire time here in Edinburgh, so from that perspective its about on par with what most Canadian girls seem to gain whilst living in Scotland. I just happened to save all the gaining until the last
  • Shannon is not going to have one last fling with the Emerald Isle as mentioned previously. Bus tickets to Belfast were sold out. Instead Shannon is going on a min-trip to Inverness and spending the money she saved by not going to Belfast on a Fringe Show (see Good Things)
  • Shannon is leaving Edinburgh in 18 days. Wahwah.
  • Shannon is returning to PEI unemployed and heftier than when she left (see above). Most of Shannon's friends have left the Island, thus social life will be near non-existent. Sigh. At least she will have plenty of time for the gym.

Good Things

  • With the money Shanon is saving by not going ot BElfast, she is going to see hilarious Irish comedian, Tommy Tiernan
  • Following resolution of the bus strike in Edinburgh, teh bus company is offering refunds/one week of travel to bus pass holders. This will bring Shannon's card to 11 September which is perfect, since this is the day she leaves!
  • Raeanne & Chris & Wendy are all coming to visit during Shannon's last week of work here.
  • Shannon's landlord is letting her stay three extra days atthe flat so she can move on the weekend instead of midweek
  • Shannon's friend, Ailbhe, has graciously offered to put Shannon up during her last week in Edinburgh. Shannon will try to repay kindness in meals and will not be rude to her hostess (as Shannon recently experienced this behaviour from a guest staying over at her flat and was very offended by rudeness and disrespect)

The Great

  • Shannon's head and heart are both finally/mostly sorted out. It's been a long and arduous journey to contentment, but done & dusted for the moment. Shannon has resolved not to let her heart get broken again (because its just that easy), since she realises she sucks at repairing things like vital organs.
  • Shannon is looking forward to exploring options and adventures for the future. A new beginning!!
  • Shannon is going on a road trip with Emily. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!! Pittsburgh to Orlando. Hello United States of America!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we're on your "good" list. Getting very excited. A week or less to go. I may have BIG news by then too... fill you in later, but lets just say I'm going to be a REAL grown-up. So many things to be excited about!!! Hurray for that!


Anonymous said...

you suck shannon

Anonymous said...

hey, you who said my sister sucks! Better hope I don't meet you, I still have tiny bits of big sister protectiveness left and will kick your ASS!

Anonymous said...

shannon sucks and so does her big sister

Anonymous said...

hello shannnon, I just googled stones, and you gained half a keith richards! that's a lot of cocaine...

so yeah, this is Nathan. Sounds like things are going well! Have fun in Canada.

Anonymous said...

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