Tuesday, August 16, 2005

OK - I've been back to desk sitting at lunch since last week. This is why you may (or may not) have recieved an email from me :) Helene is off on holidays, leaving me with an excuse ot sit on my behind and surf rather than go for a walk..

Anyways, this is why, yesterday, I decided to google my name. Anyways, it turns out there is another Shannon COurtney (go figure) and she has been ambitious enough to by OUR domain name. I checked out her site and her blog and was rather miffed to find it could very easily have been me writing the entries she'd made..from the weakness for a boy who had broken her heart to the leftist tendencies/disgust with the right wing. Maybe there is something in a name after all Mr Shakespeare. Hmm?

(SIDENOTE: you may notice some really loose and nonsensical linkages between occurences in this blog, I am trying to find a reason for everything and am coming up with nothing!)

I am going to Belfast in less than two weeks! A last minute plan that Ailbhe and I concocted over drinks. One last fling with the Irish necessary to rid myself of all future desires. Oh, who amI kidding..I am SO over the whole Irish affliction. Have moved on to the 'Decent, Intelligent, Creative and Kind Male from Whatever Nation' affliction and am currently very afflicted. More afflicted than I have been in a very, very, very long time. And yes, my age does justify those many verys!

Here's your laugh for the day: I have given up all sweets, candies, chocolate, baked goods, etc. for ONE WHOLE month. I know, I know - you are thinking 'Impossible'. Well, to be honest, so am I, but I have done it before so I know I am capable. Its just with all the leaving dos and visitors and parties I am going to have a hard time of it I think. In an attempt to lessen my cravings I absolutely stuffed myself with chocolate over the the last week and went into OD on the weekend. And it kind of worked because even the thought of a piece of chocolate turns me off right now. Unfortunately the thought of gummi cola bottles does not turn me off :( OK must stop writing and thinking about candy or will begin drooling.

This weekend past is kind of a blur. I know we did a lot of bus riding on Saturday and only ended up stopping at ASDA (yuck!) for some food and pizza. I bought two CDs - the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and Frank Sinatra (?????). Saturday night was my big Birthday night out - a crew of Canadians joined forces with Helene and a few Scottish to celebrate. I can't recall the highlight of the night, but I do know I broke a record 3 wine glasses (luckily only one was filled with wine and that was kind of/partialyl KElly's fault..but not really). The night ended at the Walkie and with my lsat chance to talk to Old Guy and show Jen I have some guts....well I blew it. Ah well, what can ya do?

Sunday was free Fringe shows on the Meadows! It was awesome to go out and see some showcases of the talent in Ediburgh this month. I also enjoyed my last gorge of chocolate/candy. It was fun, but also kind of sickening.

Hmm..OK, that's all the news I can recall at the moment. This week involves a haggis meal, cleaning the flat, last drinks with Jen, the CUmmunity BBQ (YUM!!!!!!!) and Grand's 27th birthday! Gah - too much too fast. Jen leaves in a week :(

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