Monday, August 08, 2005

Mesmerizing, spectacular, entrancing, brilliant, fascinating, inspirational. Nope, sorry, none of these words is quite enough to describe last night. I spent it with Kelly... Ahem. We went to see Tao - Martial Art of the Drum. I'd been advised that it was a spectacular show but nothing could have prepared me for the visual and audial extravagnaza we were treatd to. The choreography, the physicality and the power. I do believe I witnessed the best show at the Fringe. Its a rare thing to leave a show feeling inspired, but that was exactly how I felt after an hour watching these Japanese drummers/athletes performing. Not that I want to be the next Starr or anything - but it reinforced my belief that if one follows one's heart and does something that makes them feel alive, then they can only succeed. There is no failure where passion rests.

A compilation of dos & don'ts from the weekend.

Do not waste your time watching 'White Noise'.
Do take a Sunday every once and awhile and just veg. Don't leave the house before dinnertime.
Do go see Craig Hill's Got the Ballroom if you want to hear some risque comdey from a man in a leather kilt.
Don't take every flyer you get handed during the Festival. Its a waste of paper & ink. You already know what you want to see.
Don't try to give directions via text - evidently texts are skimmed and misread on a disproportionately high rate
Do spend Sunday night out on the town - it makes the weekend seem much, much longer.

Well, back to work again :) Fun fun fun. That's 'Fun Cubed' for the mathematics fans out there