Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holy Bananas - it's all happening so bloody fast I can't get my head around it. In less than two weeks my Scotland Adventure will be but a bunch of wonderful memories and I will be basking in the last of PEI's summer sun (I hope).

Today I said goodbye to Kelly & Lindsay who are off to tackle Europe on a two-month adventure. I'll put a link to their blog up asap. Anyways, it was sad, because now all my flatmate (who have also become really fab freinds) have leftm, and now its just me, the bathroom scales, some veggie hotdogs and my new Scissor Sisters CD left.

In the not-so-sad department - only three full days of work left!! Then a whole week off and visitors from Canada :)

I had another long weekend, which was fabulous. That is definitely one thing I will miss about Europe -the holiday allottment over here is so generous.

Anyways, Thursday night I went to see Tommy Tiernan with my workmates. He was, as expected, hilarious. Definitely worth the £13 ticket price. I also discovered a new favorite bar, The Wash (pronuonced The Waarrsh if you are from Ireland or PEI!). Very classy, but with cheese music so you knew the classy decor was just a front...Kind of like the NOodle House in Charlotteown is probably a front for something else :)

Friday I franticallya dn unsuccessfully tried to get some emailing done - including the payment of my credit card bill. Unfortunately it's been so long since I used on-line baking that I can't remember my password. I hope I don't get a bad credit rating. That might kind of bite. I also tried to do some emailng, bt was late meeting Brandon so didn't get anywhere with that.

Anyways, Brandon & I met up midday to see if there were any festival shows at half price that we might want to see. There weren't, so we did what any normal person would do under these circumstances and decided to get a bite to eat. Well, I got a bite and Brandon got a main meal, That boy likes to eat.

Following on our meal, or rather Brandon's meal and my side order of potatoes and veggies, we went in search of a hoste for my friends to stay at next week. I checked out three hostels and highly recommend Castle Rock Hostel to anyone coming to Edinburgh - prices are decent, location fab and rooms super nice/clean.

Brandon & I then went to book tickets for a show on Monday. I've decided to spend money like it is going out of style... By this time it was 3 o'clock in teh afternoon - awhole two hours since Brandon had eaten. He suggested we find another place to eat. I obliged. He ordered another main meal while I cursed my metabolism and watched enviabley as he enjoyed his stir fry with nae a worry that he would gain a clove or a stone or whatever. Gads - anyway, mental note for future - avoid eating with people like Brandon & Ailbhe. One cannot help but become slightly jealous/paranoid/crazy....

Saturday Alibhe & I hopped on a bus to Inverness early in the am. WE arrived in teh capital of the higlands midday to wet & windy weather. We proceeded to eat and shop the afternoon away. I *may* have spent way too much money ona black velvet blazer which I will now have to live in, in order to make it worth the money invested.

IN the evening we went out on the town. It was a rather hilarious evening, which can only be compared to night out in Charlottetown but with more kilts and no cover charges. Oh my, it was rather interesting. The last place we ended up had a very skewed demographic- about 70% men - but as I quickly realised - quality is much more important than quantity.

Sunday we puttered around Inverness, ate more and waited to get the bus back to civilisation. I don't know why, but I decided that I best spend Sunday evening out on the town. Lindsay, Beth, Kelly, Grand & Anne were all present at some point or another. Lindsay & Beth pprovided much amusement following their consumption of liquor. I had never seen wither properly inebriated before and it was quite the sight!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon watching a Fringe show, MacHomer, with Brandon. It was a guy impersonating all these Simpsons chracters doing MacBeth - it was actually very impressive - he'd integrated so many things into the script and the show, he also had a film screen behind him to assist with setting the scenes. He did an encore of the top 20 annoying voices in music doing Bohemiam Rahpsody. And then, predictably, Brandon wanted to grab a bite to eat after the show. I ordered a starter of haggis which was morethe size of a main. Now onder I've gained a clove!

Last night we went to Anne's for dinner and farewells. It was delicious (dinner) and sad (the farewells for Kely & Lins).

K - back to 'work' .


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