Thursday, August 25, 2005

OK, on I am just tempting the weight Gods. YEs, yes..of course I've given up teh whole 30 day hiatus from candy - I have done it [before people, but that was in a controlled enviroment (i.e. home), where temptations were minimal in comparison and I was DRIVEN by teh memory of not being able to get up on a horse when I was in Austria.Anywho, I'm off the band wagon and boy did I fall off. It's almost as if I want ot see just how much weight I can gainbefore i go home jsut so I have more to lose./ Or maybe I am getting back at Zoom Airlines for thier strict baggae allowances. Why don't they take a passenger's weight into account when specifying restrictions? Surely that's not fair!

Anyways, thanks for the two pieces of cake Grand! Must say, Black Forest does quite wel as a breakfast replacement!

Raeanne - I am sooo excited to see you too!!! I don't know which email to contact you at so best ask you here and now - do you want me to find/book a hostel for you? Also, can you email Chris and ask him the same question. I will im to find value for money but ensure the place is clean and quiet enough and in a good location. I am to please :) Just let me know what you want, I will try to deliver! Please email me at my hotmail address...I will be checking tomorrow morning and then going to look at hostels in the afternoon.

As for the big news - may I presume it involves a BIG purchase, perhaps of a permanent dwelling. Yes, I suppose that would make you a REAL adult (although, personally I think you are alreadya real adult, but anywho) I, on the other hand, have decided to be a FAKE adult for a wee bit longer. Me thinks I am enjoying the limbo period between adolescence and adulthood a bit too much :)

Hmm...OK, well not much new since yesterday. I have a nice long weekend to enjoy now..will start in approximately 3 hours and terminate Tuesday at 8.30 am. Until then I am chillaxing.


Anonymous said...

I did a little search on the 'stone' and it seems that all you've actually gained is a 'clove' which is 1/2 a stone. Sounds kind of nice "and spicy" doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

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