Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pink cotton candy, pink shaggy sheep and pink flamingos. Those are my favorite pink things. Oh, plus my pinkie, really couldn't do without it.

My birthday is in 8 days. I have neglected to do the whole 'Broadcast Friends' Birthdays' as of late, so here goes...better late than never:

Happy Birthday to Miss Schemida Bourgeois of various locations across Canada including Calgary, Fort McMurray, Halifax and Margate. Where in the world is she now? I supose if I checked my email I might have an inkling to the answer, but that's another thing I've been neglecting as of late - the whole keep in touch with peple by email and telephone ..it's a bit too 'bougie' for me. Ahem.

Oh, and my name is Shannon Courtney. Just a wee aside there.

OK, back to keeping y'all updated on life in Etown. Hmmm..so yes, last week on was on holiday. Trained, Ferried and Bussed it to the Isle of Arran with Beth and Ailbhe (Alva). Had a magnificent time being in the midst of nature, walking on roads with no shoulders and contemplating my chances of being hit by one of the crazy Island drivers (recollections from last visst to Arran in 2003). We hiked up a mountain. Almost. 20 minutes fomrthe top and we kind of called it a day...certain parties were really hungry, certain other parties wanted to keep on climbiung and I was rather indifferent. PLayed mini-golf without keeping score or following any rules. The first (and last) tiem I will ever play min golf ona course made out of cement.

Thursday night we were back from our mini trip and I headed out to the Walk About which was a rather interesting experience since it resulted in my running into a reminder of my Filthy McNasty days. Ah, but it was a good laugh.

Friday I met up with Beth and two very random and very awesome American guys (i know, who would have guesssed American & cool!), and we had some food & drink. Then I took the blokes to the Cumberland where we proceeded to enjoy the local atmosphere, I double fisted white wine and a rather crazy character with missing teeth and crutches provided much entertainment at our table.

OK, that's me for now - will get back to Weekend Review next time i have a few mins in my crazy/busy lunch schedule :)

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