Friday, July 29, 2005

I am on holiday yet again! I think I may have picked a not so good week to take off work, but ah well, what can ya do? It has been thoroughly enjoyable despite the weather being all too reminiscent of last OCTOBER. It is still July right? You'd never know from teh rain and freezing temps of this week. Anywho, aside from Mother Nature, the last week has been absolutely brilliant.

This past Friday was the annual Beach BBQ for our department. This meant free food, free booze, and plenty of chances to make an idjit of oneself in front of colleagues and managers. Luckily, the cheap, boxed white wine did not have such an effect on me as to result in my becoming the entertainment! I did drink a wee bit, at a whole lot and tried to partake in a game of Rounders. Rounders is like softball, but with a bigger, softer ball and, evidently, no rules. Each team was ful of drunken Scottish people trying to play a friendly game no very uneven terrain that happened to be a favorite for rabbit holes. Now, based on teh way the game was played, it would appear that if you didn't hit the ball by the third try you just threw the bat down and ran like wild fire for first base.... Yeah, it was quite the 'game' :)

Saturday involved makign travel ararngmenet s for our trip to the Isle of Arran, making a three course dinner for myself and the flatmates and then making my way to the WalkAbout for a wee bit of dancing. It was actually one of the most productive Saturdays I have had in a long time

Sunday looked like it was going to be wet & rainy so JEn, Lindsay and I did the equivalent of a Moncton trip - we went to Livingstone - shopper's delight and budget traveller's nightmare. It's a place full of retail outlet shops and big box stores. Did I mention the Cadbury outlet store?!?! Cheap, delicioous chocolate in bins and big bags. Oh what a day! I came home with one pair of jeans, four tops, four lipsitcks, one palette of makeup, six chocolate bars, one book on calorie counting (yes, yes, I do note the irony and completely ignore it!), plus a few other random things which I cannot recall right now. £55 pounds less in my bank accout and with an even greater dilemna of how to I am going to get all my belongings home. OH what a tangled web we weave when at first we do... go to Livingstone !

OK - I am sorry but I have to go meet Beth at the Witchery and maybe a few random Americans that we met while on the Isle of Arran. Will write about that in my next blog post. Hope all ye are well ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Shannon,
Happy early Birthday. Card and gift went in the mail yesterday. You can't eat or drink it but I hope you like pink
love luck and angels

Zest said...

where is this chocolate outlet store u speak of?