Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day!!!!! I'm already decked out in my reds & whites - somehow managed to squeeze into my red pants, not so sure its a pretty sight. Reaffirm commitment to healhy eating and plentyof exercise starting...tomorrow! Oh, come on now, I already bought treats for work including a chocolate fudge cake, jelly babies and yummy white choc chip cookies. Plus I HAD to make chocolate muffins with choclate icing for our Canada Day bash at the flat tongiht. Then I had to make peanut butter cookies ot spread the joy of PB amongst as many Canucks as possible. So, um, yeah - healthy eating starts tomorrow :)

Anyways, I brought in my huge Canadian flag (compliments of, funnily enough, Irish & Scottish flatmates from Dublin days) . One of my coworkers hung it up on the wall. Given that this is an open office it is 'kind of' noticeable. Oh well! What can I say? I'm love being Canadian.

I've been educating the coworkers on Canadian history all morning - apparently I know a lot because I can recall that our Constitution came into effect on July 1, 1867. All those years of Canadian history classes really paid off - I am able to impress SCottish people.

ONe of the women I work with asked if Canada Day ahd anything to do with the Boston Tea Party. I confirmed that, in fac,t it did not have anything ot do with Canada Day and that the Boston Bruins suck. (OK I didn't tell her that - that was more just a dig at ma:) .

A woman from another tema came over on behalf of her colleageuse- initially they thought I was American(you know, because Americans like to hang up Maple Leafs) and was wondering if it was Independence Day. Nope, sorry - that is Monday.

Incidentally, there are already Anti-American protests planned for July 4, namely because the G8 (or Gate as Jen likes to call it) is here and people are looking for any and all reasons to protest. Tomorrow is the big day though - the March to Make Poverty History - estimates of over 200,000 protesters marching the streets. I think I will have to be there. Of course, teh Live8 concerts are also being held tomorrow - I wish I could go. The one in Edinburgh is actually on Wednesday, the day the G8 Summit kicks off.

Anywho, we are having a Canada party tonight then heading out to the Globe, where Canadian karaoke reigned last year and many renditions of Summer of 69 and If I had A Million Dollars were attempted with absolutely no success but plenty of drunken enthusiasm. Ah -red & white.

Not a whole lot else planned for the weekend - hoping it will be nice weather but forecasts are not good. May have to force myself to go on shopping spree and veg in front of the telly.

Next week's planned events will include celebrating Independence day with Emily, hostessing Emily's leaving do and GET THIS - going to a medieval festival where we can watch jousting and all sorts of other knightly things!!!

Um - I guess that's it for now! Congrats to Jen on getting a job at the C Bar. Opportuntiy to hang out with Grand, serve drinks and check out hot guys/patrons..dream job!!!

O Canada - I stand on guard for thee. Bisous.