Monday, July 04, 2005

Oh my - funny how a moment can change one's mood so much eh? I mean twenty minutes ago I was chirpy (well, for a Monday anyway) and looking forward to my lunch break so I could blog the weekend details to you all. And then, a super short conversation with my SM at work turn my mood completely sour. It is confirmed - I am not suited to this job and this job is not suited to me and I am so tired of feeling incompetent and slow. It is draining me of all my spark and enthusiasm to be here day in and day out with absolutely no confidence that I am answering queries correctly or processing efficiently. Basically I suck at this job and hate knowing that. A failure at my first 'real' job. Ahem.

Right, so enough of the dreariness and self pity I suppose....

Weekend Review

Friday Evening = Canada Day celebrations!!! The result of last-minute planning became rather evident when our 'party' numbers didn't even reach the double digits. But, as they say, quality is more important than in quality and in the company of Beth, Anne, BRandon, Ailbhe and John, plus us Islanders, much fun was had.

I decided my ensemble for the night should be my flag. This decision came about after much deliberation and many outfits were tried on. Basically the flag hid my (big) flaws and reinforced my partiotism and lack of white articles of clothing.

We eventually made our way to The Globe, a backpackers bar where last year the whole place was a mass of red & white. Not so much this year - possibly because it was a Friday night, possibly because it was teh eve of the March for Poverty. In any case, there were some Canucks there and some wanna be canucks. The night was enjoyed thoroughly by all, although for some it was cut rather short due to excessive amount ofalcohol intake/ lack of tolerance.


Following on a mid-morning jog around the deserted streets of Stockbridge, Jen & I finally ade our way up towards the Meadows, which is a huge park where lots of events were planned ot coincide with the Live8 and March for Poverty events. When we reached Princes Street we were greeted by the sight of a sea of people in white walking slowly and peacefully down the street, Marching to Make Poverty History. Jen & I deduced that it would take longer and be moer frustrating to try to go against the flow of people to get ot hte MEadows, so we merged into the march and eventually foound ourselves at the Meadows. We enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment and checked out some of the booths set up for the day. Ironically, we were able to land some free food, bottled water and, er, protection. Ironic eh? I mean, we are the ones that can afford all this stuff and we were supposed to be there to encourage fair trade and all that jazz, but still we were able to get more free food than most Africans probably consume in any given day. Certainly they wouldn't have access to the juicy oranges being provided.

Saturday evening we all sat in and watched the Live8 concert on tv. It was amazing! Then Jen mentioned she wouldn't mind going to the Walk About (I think this is because we heard a Scissor Sisters song that reminded her of teh Walk About). So the two of us headed up to the Aussie bar and proceeded to dance the night away.


Sunday was pretty tame - I went for a jog with Beth, then did a bit of window shopping. Eventually met up with Sean and checked out War of the Worlds, which is just out here. Pretty good, but not great. Tom Cruise really is short eh?

Well, back I go to my meh job - am now dreading it :(