Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I cannot walk. That is my only excuse for not going ona stroll with Helene on this absolutely gorgeous lunch hour. Apparently a weekend that involves charging at full speed up an incline of more than 45 degrees to show off and then climbing many spiral staircases of a palace can lead to sore calves. And OMG are my calves sore (no, i haven't moved to a farm..I speak of my lower leg muscles!). Um, yeah, so I am apparently walking a bit like a chicken today and at the speed of a snail (What is with all the animal references??). This is all much tothe amusement of my co-workers. I, however, am slightly concerned that this could only mean one thing: I am getting OLD! But I digress, this is supposed to be Weekend Review post, so here it goes.

Friday Night

Started the weekend off with a glass of wine and company of Helene at the Ritz. Tehre is nothing Ritzy about the ritz..it is simply the closest and only bar within walking distance of Scottish Equitable. There were loads of people sitting and laying out in the greass surrounding the bar though, so it really was quite nejoyable and the scenery not to be dismissed. I love how Scottish guys (maybe all guys??) will remove as many items of clothing as possible when given any excuse!

I then made my way home and joined Kelly, Lindsay& MEily for girlie night which involved pigging out on taewaway anc chocolate with NO SHAME! And, of course, watching a romantic moive (The Notebook) and other films. Jen joined us later in the evening after her shift at the C Bar was over. We were watching the movie with the lights our when i spied a shadow running along the wall under the t.v stand. Our mouse is back - or a new generation has spawned. At first no one believed me, but they do now as more sightings over the weekend proved I am only paranoid and have an over-active imagiaitnon wihen it comes to certain things...


I spent the afternoon with Sean - we were supposed to climb Arthur's Seat so I was really pumped to finally get away from an activity that involed me consuming food. AS I really don't need anymore. ALas, Sean was hungry so we had to stop for a meal and he insisted (no really, I was honestly putting up a genuine fight) that he order me a serperate dessert, on the basis that he belieived I would eat half of his if there wasn't a plate in front of me....as if... anywho, we eventually made our way up the hill/mountain I tried to show off and kind of run p the hill. That attempt lasted all of a minute but I am paying in pain now!

Following on that I raced back to the flat to prepare my potluck dish. I opted for making the easy but highly demanded Irish Soda Bread. The girls ate this up like crazy last time I made it!
Anywho, we had about ten people at the flat for a potluck in honour of Emily's Leaving :( We gorged, we laughed and then we gorged some more. Then I poped over the Aibhe's house party,. which was fab becuase they had M&Ms and cocktails and funny Irish guys and because, for once, I wasn't one of the hostesses at something!!! A very rare event in itself and very enjoyable

The night finished off in the Grass Market where I met up with the Emily leaving crew and we headed to Drop Kicks. I think that the novelty of that place has ended.

K - I will write again soon, but back to work now!

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