Monday, July 18, 2005

I've been a bad bad blogger. I am sorry, but the weather has been blissfully beautiful and the wine has been flowing like, well, like it does when certain relatives of mine have their hands ona bottle - perhaps I have inherited a Sampson gene that is just now rearing its lush head. Ahem. OK, sorry I am exaggerating there, but I must admit I am starting to sppreciate the idea of having a glass or two of vino midweek to break the mundanity of it all. UNfortunately, I find one or two glasses often means one or two bottles. In any case, I've been slacking on the emails and blogging as a result of the sunshine, wine and lunchtime exercise.

An update of past events and future plans:

OK, last week is pretty much a blur (refer to above paragraph regarding vino consumption for reasonable explanation as to the blurriness of it all). I know I worked a lot, did boxercise on Wednesday and went to Helene's on Thursday night to do travel research which, of course, required wine & chocolate consumption!

Anywho, it turns out Helene is more of a Beatles nut than I we are doing a weekend trip to Liverpool!!!! We are going to do the Magical Mystery tour and check out Strawberry Lane and the site of the Cavern Club and all that jazz (or pop music..whatever)!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!! Liverpool is meant to have a fab nightlife as well. Anyways, we are missing Beatle week by only a few days, but I think I am glad I will not be in Liverpool whent ehre are thousands of Beatles fanatics about. Don't ask me why I think avoidance is a good thing- I just have a gut feeling :)

Anywho, Friday evening was pretty tame - Kelly, Lindsay, Ailbhe and I went to see the Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilso, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken and a guest star who rules!! Film was hilarious. Lindsay was even more hilarious, but that is another story which I will not divulge.

Saturday I was up at 6.30 and at work by 8.00 to do O/T. Yes, I am desperate for some extra cash. Anywho, after five hours of O/T we all kind of thought it would be a good idea to haev a few drinks at the pub. By we I really mean Helene, she si always the instigator. ANywho, after a mad rush to the box office to get a bunch of Fringe Festival tickets, I met up with some of my workmates at a pub in town and we had a wee bit of wine. I finally made my way home about four hours later (and one bottle of wine later). I had, in this span of time, managed to rnu across teh street to Sainsbury's twice. The first time to buy the new HarryPotter book, the second time to buy TP (I had an inspiration and recalled that we were lacking TP at the flat)

I had dinner and then Ailbhe and John came over and we all went out to the Walk About, which was actually fun. I think it is only decent in the summer there. Teh Old Guy was there and Jen practically shoved me into him, insisting I must talk to him before I depart Scotland. Alas, not tonight Jen!

Sunday was pretty low key - Kelly & I went to watch Jen and the Canadian guys play softball. Grand was looking especially sporty and hot in his bleach blonde eighties hair wig and fake tatoos! I can't believe he played the tourney donned in that wig - priceless and picture worthy. Good thing I brought my camera :)

Kelly & I then left the ball field for the high street where we searched for bargains - July is sale month over here!!!! I foud two tops but ironically, neither was on sale. Actually, that isn't realyl irony, that just sad....

Um..ok, that' teh weekend review.

Plans/News for the future:

I have next week off - I am going to the Isle of Arran and maybe hosting a fellow Islander and his girlfriend, who have been touring around Scotland and saved the best city for last!!

August = Festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHannon's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Church Community BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trip to Isle of Skye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, you get the idea - lots of fun and excitement to be had as the days wind down....

Hope all is well with everyone else - it would be great to get some email updates (hint hint)

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