Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June 29th?!?!? How the heck did THAT happen? How are we already more than halfway through the year 2005 and only 1 month 11 days away from my quarter-century-all-down-hill-from-here birthday? (OK, I know it's not htat bad, but egads!!)

Anywho, its Wednesday (AKA Hump Day) and its raining, thus I am not taking my lunchtime walk with Helene. I am, however, going ot partake in a large amount of punching after work. Oh how I love boxercise! Is it slightly concerning that I enjoy punching pads so much?

A big thank you to Anne, recently returned from Canada bearing gifts of Light Peanut Butter.

So Friday night with the workmates was quite an evening. Wine was had, then vodka, then more wine. All the while we found our way from an Aussie bar to a local pub to a scuzzy club and finally to a class Irish pub (Drop Kicks!). Conversation remained sophisticated and I am qiute sure no one said or did anything that they later regretted (ahem..)

I managed to actually make money on Friday night - a mere £5, but still... After the workmates had gone home/back to scuzzy club, I met up with Kelly & EMily and we hung out at Drop Kicks. Kelly & I decided to leave at a decent hour (2.15) and were on our way out when Kely stopped to talk to a stag party and we ended up chatting for a wee bit to these lads from London/England. Anywho, for some reason or another they decided that the bachelor was going to be a woman the next night and were collecting women's clothing for the cause. They asked for my lacy tights, and I refused on the basis that they cost my £6 (albeit, they did have a few rather large holes in them) Anyways, one of the lads (who worked for the BBC) offered me £5, so, being the smart business woman I am, I proceeded to remove my tights and hand them over. Ah, but this was nothing compared to Emily's haul for the night - she made £80...and didn't have to part with anything...... Nor did she leave the bar. Americans - no wonder they're the epitome of capitalism.

Anywho, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday was gorgeous so I spent the afternoon lounging in the grass with my pasty Irish bloke. Hehehe - oh how he burnt..on one side...that is the funniest :) Sunday involved more lounging and a charity BBQ which was so not worht it, but anywho... I also got hit by an American football - right on teh noggin, thanks to GRand's perfect aim.

I had taken Monday off as a holiday so spent the day doing errands and walking A LOT. I swear I walked at least 7 miles or 11 kilometres. I walked so much my hip hurt yesterday to the point I could not go to the gym. Jen clued me in to the fact that hip prob was likely due to my carrying a one-strapped bag over my shoulder all day.. Ahh!

A summary of June highlights:

1. Jen MacPhail moves back into 4H Canon Street (yes, that's right Ms MacPhail, you really are the highlight of my month :)

2. Our resident mouse/mice appears to have succumbed to the mouse posion we left out and about.. RIP

3. Work moves from being 'meh' to 'bearable', largely due to desk moves that now have me seated across from some great co-workers. One of whom enjoys teasing me about my Americanisms. In fact, I believe