Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So here I am back to lunch at my desk. It is a sad turn of events that marks farewell to my favorite American friend(OK, my only American friend at the mo), Emily. I am trying to put a positive spin on it though - have decided I will spend two daysa week at my desk, blogging and the such during my lunch. Will spend the other three days taking a hlaf hour walk thus avoiding the restaurant temptations and getting some much needed exercise and sunshine.

Before I go any further, I absolutely must apologise to my immediate family for the lack of phone calls and emails since April. A combination of holidaying, busy life and, mostly, abysmal spending fund, has lead to this state of affairs. I promise to be better in the future with emails, however phone calls will be kept to a minimum.

OK - so on to the current state of affairs in Edinburgh.

What's Been Going Down as of Late

As mnentioned above, life has been pretty crazy lately. With the sun shining and light in the sky until 11 o'clock at night, one has much more interest in going out and doing things (like drinking and jogging - a healthy combination).

Hostel Canon Street has also been super busy since the latter partof May, with Megan & Scott staying over for five nights, and then two fo Lindsay's friends couch surfing for the following four days. After their departure it was the MacPhail duos turn to test out the comfort of our IKEA couches - lucky them, they also got to enjoy the company of our resident mouse (I have christened him Mickey) . Jen is still with us (yeah!!!) , trying to sort out a job for the summer.

I *may* also be seeing an Irish guy (I know, I know!). In an unusual twist, this one is actually very nice and honest and funny. He is ex-army (ahem, ahem), but to his credit he now spend shis days taking care of old people and claims to love it. He has also had the wisdom to discover and feed my candy addiction....always a plus! I won't say much more than that - let's just say he is not at all like some of his fellow countrymen and that is extremely refreshing and promising.

This weekend past I went to ALnwick with Emily for a day trip. It is a wee town in Northern England, but it has a massive castle where HARRY POTTER was filmed, plus scenes from ROBIN HOOD. We were pracitally celebrities just by association with the location! EMily & I did the unthinkable - we hitchhiked. OMG - how dangerous! But what would have been mnore dangerous was walking on the road from the train station to Alnwick - bloody three miles of twists and turns and no shoulder. A lad who did not look old enough to be driving picked us up and drove us right to the castle..it was great! I now want to go out for a day of hitchiking - don't care where I end up, just want to see how fun it can be!

The castle was amazing, I have pictures to prove it. We also learned that the Queen's last name is Windsor and Prince Harry & William's last names are Wales. Really, it's true. Emily & I then proceeded to check out the town. WE ate a lovely dinner outside a wee cafe and I had Yorkshire Pudding - interesting. I also had strawberries & cream - delectable. A wander into one of the largest secondhand bookstores in BRitain was also on the itinerary - man, that place was too big for me!

We got the bus back ot the train station (i kind of wanted to hitchike, but time was getting on). At the bus station I wasn't sure I had enough money for the fare and confirmed that when I asked one of the locals waiting, He seemd to think EMily & I could get on as 'halfs' by telling the driver we were 14. He guesstimated we were 18 - I promised myself I would reappraise my make-up application and wardrobe choices for future outings. Anyway, teh guy ended up collecting change from the other people at the bus stop for us. How embarrassig! But also nice to know people are willing to help out. ..even in England!

Saturday night we headed to a party at Grand, Scott & Steve's. It was soo Canadian, with Moosehead and nachos and Crown Royal being served up. PLus teh Canadian accents kind of outnumbred very other accent there.

I have more on the updates, but have to go now..lunch is over..here are a few rants I wrote earlier

Random Rants

Well, front page news over this side of the Atlantic is that Jacko has been cleared of all charges. Let the reinvention begin. I wil speak no more of this ridiculaous circus, it is highly disturbing that the world seems to care so much about the outcome of this one trial, while willingly remaining ignorant about much more significant atrocities such as the crimes committed one's own government.

Oh, yes, I am ranting and reading yet again. After a rather long hiatus from reading anything too political, I picked up Michael Moore's latest publication, Will They Ever Trust Us Again?, which is actually a collection of letters/emails written to him from soliders, veterans and their families. I have to say that, as of late, I had become a bit less impressed with Mr Moore -namely because his ever-growing ego was rather aggravating and he was simplifying things that needed to be dissected carefully in order for people to accept them. Basically I thought he was doing his cause of fighitng for the little guy a disservice. It appears, howver, from the perspective of the solider, that he has spoken for those who can't. And I have to say, letters directly from the source are pretty difficult to dispute.

Next time I will talk about the G8 Summit - lots going on over here in preparation- does anyone over there in North America know or care?? I wil fill you in next time

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon! Want to bet you'll get some warning comments about hitchiking??? Possibly from parents who have confessed to hitch hiking themselves in their youth?:-) Hehehe, 'course if they read this comment first they may refrain themselves. Have fun & don't waste money calling me, I'll be very hard to reach this summer now that the days are longer and there is no snow left! Emails are always welcome.