Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hey Hey! OK, so I am back to desk lunch today as EMily has bogged off to Amsterdam leaving me to my own devices (never a good idea) . She's also abducted my flatmates which could lead to a lonely weekend save for the fact that Jen MacPhail is back in town!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a month since we left together for Spain and wow has it flown by! So much has happened in the short span of one month we call May. Let's see - Shannon has holidayed in Spain & Ireland, had her heart fully repaired from, what seemed, irreprable damage. She's had a horrible haircut and recovered thanks to the highlighting skill of Miss Smith. Keri Shields has abondoned Europe for the big metropolis of Prince Edward Island. Shannon has welcomed a new flatmate and is now, officially, the worst eater in the house. Other things have been done/accomplished,. said and planned. People have been and possiblities for the future have multiplied.

In short- it's been a (mostly) magnificent month of May!

In answer to Rana's query - you should know me better than that Rana! Stay on PEI? Nada chanca. Don't get me wrong, love the Island, miss my family and the few friends who remain, but too many adventures and opportunities to consider that are not possible to fulfill on PEI. As a rough guideline - i plan to stay on PEI until Christmas , giving me time to save some money, enjoy family & friends and research opportunities for the future - then I will be off!

K, lunch is way over - adios amigos..expect more frequent post in the near EMily bogs her way back to the States.

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