Friday, June 24, 2005

Yah it's Friday!! Yah I am going out with workmates to get p*ssed to tonight!! And to top it all of I ahve another long weekend lined up (i find it is the only way I can survive work!)

RIght, so this has to be a short post, I'm at work and only a few mins left of lunch. I know I promsied that once Emily stopped working at Scot Eq I'd be back to blogging regularly during my lnuches. I did not anticiptate, howver, that other people may actually want to socialise with me. So, three times this week I powerwalked with fellow Bond Girl, Helene, adn yesterday ahd lunch with former colleague, Scott.

Anywho, last weekend was grand! I went to see Batman Begins with Sean andhis fellow Irish friend, Dave. The movie rocked! Waaaayyyy better than previous ones, save for the casting of Katie Hollmes as the love interest. THe only disappointment is that I came to dsicover Batman doesn't really have any superpowers - he is just a man in a cape with some fancy gadgets. But maybe this should be more inspiring - to suggest that mortal humans can be superheroes. Oh, OK, so its just a cartoon and i am reading too much into it :)

Saturday was gorgeous outside so Kelly & I headed to the park, checking out shops in Stockbridge on the way. We were joined at the park by Grand and Jen and started playing frisbee with my cloth frisbee (really, it works and is good for wimps like me) Eventually, Grand pulled out his football (american style) and we threw that around. I surprised myself by acutally being able to lob the ball in the general direction of my target. My catching abilities, however, leave much to be desired#

Saturday night we went out on the town and had a grand time - back to the old standby Drop Kick Murphy's. Unfortunately, teh kick butt band that usually plays was not there . The band playing were good and nbice eye candy, but I missed the soloby the old band's fiddler, because when I say 'old' band, I am also talking about the median age of its members... There were times when it was questionable whether the fiddler would make it through the night standing.

Sunday I can't even remember what I did - bullocks I suck. Oh now I know, I spent the day shopping with KElly...window shopping in my case.

OH - time is up so here are a few last, quick words for a few of yas:

Sahra - CONGRATULATIONS Biker Chic!! I am now officially the square of the family...not that there was really ever any doubt.

Raeanne - I wil be in touch about September - but will def still be here and would love to see you - either pop down to London or have you come up here! We will talk

k, that's all for now folks - have a fabulouso weekend, see yas on the other side of it!