Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well, I've made it here safe and sound. The duct tape on those Ryanair wings held fast! I've just spent the night in an extremely luxurious hostel which has been furnished entirely by IKEA. In fact, they have the same drinking glasses here as we have in our flat (due to ur landlord's affection for IKEA). Now I am just killing time on Free Internet (score!), before I go meet Natasha - fellow Islander and adventurer. Basically I know something crazy is going to happen today or over the weekend because I am in Natasha McKinnon's company. yah! I love crazy things!

So first impressions of Sweden (bear in mind tht I arrived at airport at 9.30 last night, bussed it 100 km to Stockholm, landed at my hostel and , afetr eating a delicous apple promptly fell to sleep)

  • There are WAY too many McDonald's here.
  • There are PLENTY of tall, lean, gorgeous people here.
  • By 'people', I refer to equal numbers of men &, yeah, the competition is equally
  • This nation is so clean - the streets are clean, the buildings are clean, the people are clean. Mr Clean would feel right at home here
  • The men here look more er, 'natural'. It was recently brought t my attention by Jen that when she went home to Canad it was nice to see normal guys, rather than guys whose hair is multi-colored, in a mullet or spikd up in a rather disturbing style. Yeah, the men here have normal hair (i.e. does not look like it is having an erection) and damn it looks good on them!!
  • Everybody speaks Englash - some of the adverts are even in English
  • Everything about this place speaks of efficiency - I have a feeling Swedes are less likely to wile their time away at the local pub watching footie . I imagine, of course, that they spend their leisure time fishing for their next dinner, trekking across wild terrain and looking very rugged while doing so.

In conclusion - I am in a clean, efficient country full of beautiful people. What's a gal to do?

In other travel notes I have, once again, taken to eating copious amounts of junkfood, reassured by the yet unproven (but entirley plausible) theory that caloris consumed while travelling are immediately burned off. In fact, I am pretty sure that 300 gram Milka chocolate bar I bought will create a deficit in my calorie intake for today...I will, of course, have to eat copious amounts of Swedish delicacies to make up for net loss of calories...

My hair does not travel well - that is to say, my hair 'style' is not exactly hostel-friendly. Actually, come to think of it, my hair style is not friendly in a lot of cases - lest of all for any one daft enough to try and whisper in my ear. The only result being that they are poked in the eye by my rather hard hair. Anyways, I am coping so far, will see how the rest of the weekend goes. It should be noted however, that I was at a cafe last week, which I frequent about once a month and the women behind the counter started talking to each other. One had commented to the other that she loved my hair and the other had replied that it ALWAYS looked good :) Evidently she has never seen me in the morning - only Keri, Jen and a few others are privy to the knowledge that I look like an absolute freak when my hair is not glued up ith amazing amount of hair stuff!

Keri is vacating 4H Canon street soo :( Actually, whilst I am enjoying my holiday in Sweden, our new flatmate will be taking up residence in my wee room! Kelly Coffin (yep, another Islander) is arriving in Edinburgh on Good Friday (is there any other kind of Friday?) and will be our new amusement. My main responsibility will be to ensure that Kelly finds herself in as many pubs and bars as possible over the next month or so and that she become knowledgable about the different (ie better) social scene over here...

I am reading a book called 'Round Ireland with a Fridge' by Tony Hawks - a hilarious travelogue that really, really makes me regretful I didn't explore more of Ireland when I lived there. Aye, but there are always holidays..and there's always Northern Ireland. I am getting too comfortable after all.

Well, best be on my way to meet Tash now. Not sure when I will next have Internet access or time to blog, so if I don't get another chance to do so I'll wish you all a Happy Easter!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it. Keep enjoying all the 'natural' sights. Are there any "Allans" in Stockholm?

Love and Happy Easter from,


Anonymous said...

Told you that book was good! You have to read his other two afterwards. Enjoy Sweden.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee... I've been reading a bunch about Norway and am not too sure if it's for me... However, if the Norwegians blokes look like the Swedish ones (which I imagine they do given the few Norwegians I have seen) I may go to Oslo to site see of a different sort ;)

For the record, new favourite bartender works at Buddy Mulligans and we took Kelly and Lindsay to... ESPIONAGE on Sat night! =D (Lesson learned - will not be back.)

See ya tomorrow!
~ Jen