Thursday, March 17, 2005

OK, so that's two days in a row I've been stood up for lunch. Yesterday it was becasue Emily had a sinus infaction and didn't come to work at all (funnily enough, however, she was at our flat later that night giving fortunes. Today Helene left work early..again due to sickness. See, this what happens when one decides to be social and faces rejection. And everyone knows I don't handle rejection so well! Really though, I should probably be home too as I've been sick for about a week now - nothing that would cause me to be bed-ridden, but general lack of energy combined with cough, congestion adn most recently a headache. Ah, but I'm a 'trooper' as they'd say here at work. To translate - I am fearful of calling in sick..even when I genuinely am (b/c that's the only time I would call in sick anyways!)

On a happier note - I am now 110% sure that that thing I was stressing about majorly for the past week and half is nul & void. No worries! Phew, I am so relieved. (insert v audible sigh of relief)

Oh right - how could I forget? HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the luck of the Irish be with you, because I certainly never had any luck with the Irish :) Um, yeah no one is wearing green today - well, no more than usual. I guess that's because I am in Scotchland.

So, Miss Jennifer MacPhail returned from Canadia on Tuesday and I have since been reunited with Allan. Oh, how I missed him - constantly thought of him and now intend to savour every bit of him. Mmmmm...milk chocolate bunnies rule!

Last night Jen, Anne, Beth & I went to see the musical, Chicago. It was fantastic! Oh how I wish I could dance or sing or just look sexy on stage. Yeah, any or all of those talents would be great. As Anne noted ' the leather trousers on the male dancer, that in itself was worth the price of the ticket!'

I am getting excited about my trip to Sweden - I leave next Wednesday and am back on the following Tuesday evening!!!! Admittedly I am also a bit nervous, it's been over a year since I did my Europe trip and I'm not sure I'm goign to be able to rough it as well as I did then. Yeah, I'm getting old :)

Argh! There are downsides to sitting at one's desk during lunch!

OH ,BTW I am still working on surprise - t has been slightly delayed due to Shannon Stress and Sickness that have monopolised my mind over past week and a half. Rest assured it will be up before the next tax year ends.

Did I mention it is 15 degrees here? Lovely spring weather - lots of sunshine and little rain!

K, well best get back to work! Blah. Email me please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Happy Saint Paddy's Day As always we got our Sain Paddy's Day storm, but not too bad this year hawerver this is now the 18th and it is still snowing. The system has stalled over the maritimes and we;re to get snow on and off for the next day or two. but warm on sunday so let's hope it won't stay long. Joan is here until about Tuesday but spending some time in summerside.
Love daddy

Anonymous said...

Fun, weather reports on Blog. Anyhooo, glad stress issue has become nul and void! Please send postcard for my collection when you go to Sweden and make sure to go Volovo spotting. Have lots of fun! Btw, what surprise are you working on??? I don't want to ruin it with guesses but I'm curious!


Anonymous said...

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