Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday is here at last! This has been the longest week ever, despite only 4 days of work! Time creeping by is due solely to my being completely stressed out about something I probably have no reason to be stressed out about. Ah, but that's my way....

Anyways, its the beginning of a new weekend! Yah!! NExt few weeks are going to be CRAZY! Here are some of the plans:
1. Chicago (the musical, not the AMerican city)
2. St Patrick's Day ( go green )
3. Rugby ceilidh (can't wait to see Grand doing the polka polka)
4. SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) Good teims assured with Ms Natasha McKinnon as hostess with the mostess!
5. Easter - reason to eat chocolate
6. New roommate moves in!

K - I have ot clock back in at work - there is not enough!! Will write more tomorrow (was going to write a little list of things that are different about living alone)