Thursday, March 03, 2005

My name is Shannon Courtney, this is my blog. There, that should keep Google happy.

So um yeah, I'm starting to get a bit social at work, whihc, by default means I am not at my desk at lunch writing blog posts. Not to worry though, I am banging away on the laptop in the evenings - my fingers nearly numb at the tips from lack of heat/circulation. I have a special treat in store- kind of like the McDonald's Treat of the Week, but better (not with fries though, sorry).

OK - so here's my most current dilmena (constant heartache aside):

There is a posting for a job in my company that I think I would be much more suited to - it is as an Investment Writer, which means preparing publications/newsletters/etc. for the Asset Management area of ScotEq. OK OK, admittedly I have focussed entirely on the writing part of the job description - my knowledge of the investment world being rather limited (apologies to Sean Hennessey but in my defense I have no money to invest). o, yeah I'd love to apply even though I am quite sure I'm not qualified enough, but I have ot get my manager's signature. I don't think I can for two reasons: 1. they've just got me trained up to work on the team, so they would have to go recruit someone else 2. I haven't been able to demonstrate any of my communication skills in present job, in fact, if anything I have demonstrated my weaknesses in a big way (I'm sorry but repetitive, detailed work just is not for me).

The other possible opportunity is to apply for a receptionist position with a small advertissng agency. Afriend of mine is currently working there and describes it as super fun - so nice to be around creative people and teh office itself is a fabulous loft. It also happens to be within walking distance of my flat and the pay happens to be better.and, most importantly, I think it would do wonders for my sanity.

Any thoughts/opinions - apps for both jobs have to go out by next Tuesday so I need response asap from you all. IN return I will give you more to read so you can have a good night's rest.



Anonymous said...

I say go for both. Ask for your manager’s signature, you don't have to have demonstrated your writing skills in this job, your resume shows you've done it in the past. If you can't get her signature then at least you have an idea of what if any future opportunities there will be there for you. And go for the receptionist job, it's a social job so it should be lots of fun and hey are you there to build a life long career or to experience life?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sahra but do it your way

Anonymous said...

We have the same name...the exact same name