Saturday, March 12, 2005

K- I was supposed to upload photos today. Whoops. Blame messenger and Jen! I will do my best to upload some more pics to My Pics by tomorrow.....

The Welsh Accent is something...very similar to Will Ferrel doing some odd character on SNL. The city is crawling with Welsh men, thanks to 6 Nations Rugby. This, of course, meant male to female ratios were completely out of whack at bars last night. Not that I was complaining.... except when some guy literally yanked his boxers out of his pants (like Owen Wilson in Zoolander) and some other bloke decided that putting them in a girl's face was a good idea. And that girl happened to be me. Yeah, can't say the impressed me much or at all. Actually it disgusted me immensely and when I jerked me head back in protest I whammed right into Emily's forehead. Classy lads, really know how to impress the women or cause them serious injury.

Jen & I have booked flights to Spain! We are flying into Valencia on April 28th, from there I think we will head north and into south France. I am debating possibility of heading back from Carcasonne, France via Dublin (cause that's the only flight route Ryanair takes!) and possibly touring Ireland (since I didn't get around to it in the bloody six months that I lived there!! Then again, afer warmth and exoticness of Spain and France will I really want to end holiday in the Emeral Isle? Ah well, will see...mental note - travelling does cost money Shannon - you have to remember this.

Yep, so as previously mentioned....crazy busy for the next few weeks...I have a feeling life in general is going to be madly complicated and possibly go off the rails over next few months, what with possible departure of roommates and friends who have been here for awhile along with arrival of new friends from home!

Right..well this was only supposed to be a note to say that surprise is stil in the works....promise it wil be up before I leave the country (for good!).


Anonymous said...

Hi It's me again. Nopthing new with me . Joan is visiting me for about a week, and a few days in summerside with some of her friends.Pat was ambulanced to the hospital last night with phenomia( excuse spelling). I;m going to see him tomorrow but Mum says he coming along OK. weather is good. Love daddy

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

Wow!! Spain in April. I would love to see those pics. You're quite the traveller. So when are you going to Sweden?