Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I think I am coming down with something. Oh, who am I kidding, I know I am!?! I should have taken today off work, but that would have looked a bit too convenient wouldn't it?? I will note, however, that I have been sick more often since I started this job than ever before in my life..Coincidence or correalation??? Hmmmm.

OK, so I skipped the gym today and decided to drop by Internet Cafe for quick perusal of infor about Sweden. Ha, not a chance. HAven't made it past Hotmail and Blgger yet. Know I won't.

I decided my blog is becoming a bit boring/hgeavy, due to my recent state of mind, thus am making an attempt to lighten it up here and now by doing one of those completely spontaneous list things that Jen is able to pull of with such skill..

Completely random thoughts and observations to follow:

1. Today is International Women's Day. I will eat chocolate in celebration of my gender.
2. According to weigh-in at my nutrition class I have lost 4.4 lbs since last Tuesday, according to scale at home I have lost 1 pound. I would like to believe first number, but have to believe second.
3. Mother's Day is called Mothering Day over here and is celebrated on March 6th.
4. I am learning how to be cheeky. It's fun!
5. I spent £10 on a Thai meal Sunday night. I could have flown half way to London or Dublin for the same amount.
6. How is it that airports sell glass bottles and dangerous pens INSIDE the security area, but insist upon taking away your only pair of tweezers?
7. Jamie Oliver's School Lunches rules!! It is the only thing good on non-pay T.V. here. Well, that and the Simpsons of course...
8. Silver is an extreemly popular car colour
9. I am Leo, apparently my best partner would be a Sagitarrius. A Leo-Leo match would be 'an uphill struggle'. Hmm...astrology kind of throws me for a loop...
10. I am an ENFJ - aparently my best presonality match is an INTP or ENTP. Aparently they make up something like 3% of the population.
11. Around The World in 80 Dates, by Jennifer Cox, is a great read.
12. There are 5 containers of margarine in our fridge
13. Is it wrong to be annoyed by someone's laugh?????
14. Why does it always seem the seat beside me on the bus is the last one taken? Am I intimdating, taking up too much room?? What's up.
15. Get Fuzzy is great cartoon - glad I got the calendar as it is nice start to the day.
16. Jen MacPhail is fun, fun, fun. I hope she gets her Mickey ears,she deserves it.
17. Why do I always like cooking when I am sick? Urge to bake tonight is overwhelming.
18. My time on Internet is low - must go.

Hope that was a little lighter (like me minus 2 kg!)

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