Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Review:

Off the top of my head, I'd have to say - I am NEVER doing O/T again*

*Caveats for Compulsory O/T and SHannon Runs Out of Money Scenario

Off the top of my head I also had some hair removed.

And that about wraps up the weekend. No, not really, but I must say it was pretty tame in comparison to all weekends of 2005 that have preceded it.

Friday night = Watching 99p movies and forcing myself to go to bed at decent time. 99p movies were mix of really bad and mediocre. I do NOT recommend the film, The Ladykillers (At least teh remake..don't know about teh original, probably good).

Saturday Morning = Waking up at bloody 7.00 am, catchign the bus to work. Working from 8 - 12, tehn catching bus back into town. Sigh. So very not worth it. Maybe if I was a workaholic or money mad, but I am neither and I didn't come to Scotland to overwork myself at a job that does nothing to inspire me or challenge me.

Saturday Afternoon - Waste majority of afternoon at teh Shopping centre. Pop into hair salon to ask if I can get a cut and the girl says it'll be 30 -45 minds.I ask if I should stay or can I walk around teh mall and come back. She says I can walk around and NO she doesn't need my name (in my mind I figured this was because I was soo memorable!). So I come back on teh half hour to be informed that I am at the bottom of the queue again. I nearly freaked. Now, if I'd been calm and relaxed I wouldn't have bothered, but I was not - I was tired and had massive headache. Anyways, I let the manager know I was nae impressed, but in the end I waited it out and she ended up cutting my hair and it is the first time I've been really pleased with results immmediaetly after hacking. So yeah, I was tired. Hopped on bus to catch up with Keri & Jen, who were watchign teh rugby game at Frankenstein's. The game was over by teh time I made it there and I missed getting a free pint b/c in rare turn f events Scotland actually won the game!

Saturday night - Ooooh, first chance to wear my new skirt! Jen, Keri & I had a few bevies in the flat then caught up with the guys (ie our Calgarian friends) at a hole-in-the-wall bar called Star Bar. Seriously, it was in an alleyway - mind you an alleyway in posh NewTown, but still. IT was as tiny inside as it looked from the outside, but somehow the band managed to set up all their gear. (no dancing room tho!). And lo & behold, who should the band be but the former members of the now defunct Mockingbirds!! As you will probably not recall, we stalked the Mockingbirds back in June/July when they played at Finnegan's Wake. I think they remembered us, especially when Jen & I jumped up to do obligatory jumping scene to Brown-Eyed Girl.

Sunday - Slept. WEnt for a lovely jog - beautiful spring-like weather. Went to see 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'. Went alone. I am sad case. Following Aquatic film I went home and prepared dinner of Haddock with mushroom & cheese sauce. Coincidence? I think not. I then watche dyet another movie, Mystic River. Both films v. good, both films slighlty disturbing but in v. different ways.

As a sidenote - Owen Wilson rules and The LIfe Aquatic was the film he was doing when I saw him in Rome.!!!

Other news/notes:

Keri & Jen are both leaving next weekend for trips to Eastern Europe & Canada respectively. I will be home alone!

To celebrate alone time (not that I dno't heart my friends, but every once in awhile you just want to be alone right??) I am taking next Monday off. I had tried to get March 18 off (knowing I will probably be worse for wear given preceding night celebrations), but was unable.

I am going to Spain/South France in April/May. I've figured out a way I can take 7 days off but only 4 of them in holidays - it will mean lots of flextime to be built up, but I don't mind!!! I wil then have an 11-day stretch w/o work. I will still have 17 holidays left too!! Really I am following Jen's lead, she is going on mega trip and I am tagging along for the parts I missed out seeing last year and/or really loved and want to return to!

So excited -Sweden & Spain!!

Well, I suppose that's all she wrote for now. And be 'she' I mean 'me'. I am tired, I need candy.

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