Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Today I am sore all over and super tired and yes, I am feeling sorry for myself .Have just opted out of a leaving lunch for one of the girls on the team b/cI feel too ill and its Chinese, which is not all that appealing to me even on the best of days. So am all alone and counting the minutes go by.
Soreness all over relates to 3 activities/incidents.

1. Engagement in Exercise. Reintroducing my body to cardio machines has resulted in  sore limbs. Legs in pain due to StairMaster & TreadMill, arms in pain due to me being pitifully week and convincing myself the rowing machine would improve upper strength

2. Data Entry Job. All I can say w/regard to this is..thank goodness I won’t be doing        it for the rest of my life. I sympathise with people who have to sit in front of a computer every day, every hour and I’ve only been here a month and half.  Sore back, pain in hands, eye strain (I have permanent bloodshot eyes here..surprised/disappointed Keri hasn’t hit on me yet considering how much I resemble a vampire)

3. Flossing.. or Lack Thereof. Have been having mild tooth pains as of late, so last     night decided it best I get back into regularly flossing…All was going well (and by well I mean bloody & painful..),until a piece of floss got stuck in the bottom part of a back know..the part you eat with. Well, with a bit of tugging (thank goodness I’d built up my arm strength with that rowing) I was able to get the damn piece of string out, but along with the floss came a piece of my tooth. mouth really hurts and I can’t afford a dentist..I wouldn’t even know where to find one if I .
And, of course, to top it all off I am suffering from lack of sleep. Could go into reasons why, but am sure I have before am sure you all know the reg reasons someone can’t get to sleep (i.e. drinking too much, thinking too much, working too much)
OK ....enough complaining for one blog!

On positive note – us gals are going out on the town tomorrow night ..which town we are unsure of yet. We will either be taking in CATS in Edinburgh or hopping on a train to Glasgow so we can see SAM ROBERTS!! Live & cheap in the Barfly.  I hope you know who Sam Roberts is....especially if you are from Canada.  Yes..its OK,you can be jealous  ..even though he did play at Myron’s in the winter… 
A comment posted on my blog by Sister Sahra last night:

Subtlety does not suit you! I'll let the cat out of the bag instead of suffocating the poor thing. I'm freaking getting married! Still a little shell shocked 'cause marriage was never a goal for me. But there ya go! As dear sister put; leave it to me to do something so traditional in such an unconventional way. As in no one really knows my fiance, we skipped dating completely, we threw caution to the wind to actually follow our hearts(which in todays world is not so common) and I don't believe anyone thought I'd ever get married! -Sahra p.s. quite sure I'm not considered "Good Wife" material;)
In response to comment:
Sigh..wish I could say I resent first remark re: subtlety..but the  truth is I resemble it. TO be fair however, I think I was doing a pretty good job of being elusive about the whole engagement announcement…
Personally think it better that marriage was not a goal…people who have goals about things like love may be less likely to actually come across the real thing.  Some things in life are invented or developed, others are discovered. I believe love is something that is discovered.
I wouldn’t say I thought you’d never get married, but was rather surprised (pleasantly so) by announcement..only wish I could have been there to see the shock on everyone’s faces..and for you to see it on mine J
I think you are great person material and that is what matters. 

Please avoid the elope option :)


Anonymous said...

OK, will not elope however fun that might have been, doesn't really have the same exciting, naughty appeal if you've already announced your intentions!

In regards to upcoming visit,I chose Marseilles because it was in France but also because it was the only one that had flights that allowed us to fly from there to london and onto Edinburgh all in same day! Just recently I found flight to Lyon return London onto Einburgh same day as well. Check Email for details. We can take bus trips around south of France and just use it as our base.

Anonymous said...

South of France is fine by me..but my heart still belongs ot Switzerland!!!! Am quite sure the hostel system in France is a bit dodgy..will have to look into that..but think Jen & Keri might be keen on joinng us if it is S France.

Anonymous said...

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