Wednesday, July 07, 2004

OK Random Thoughts for a Random Day:

Random is an oft used term by both Canadians & Aussies.

Some news is best recieved by phone or in person. Lack of easy access to incoming phone calls and inability to talk face-to-face with persons from home is a definite disadvantage of living in Scotland...especially when BIG NEWS from home is concerned.

IF I were creating a list of things I wanted someone from Canada to bring over to me in Scotland (like Becky R of NZ is) this list would include, but not be limited to the following items (Mother & Sister take note):

- Got2 B Glued Hair stuff (I say stuff because it ti snot is thicker and whiter and way better at keeping my fro in place)

Peanut Butter - Smooth Think I've covered this one before

Graham Wafer Crumbs So I can make Chewy Looies and get even bigger

Earplugs - Life Brand..the green ones that cost $4.99 per pack of 10. Yes, I am with it

A BritRail Pass - The girls in Aberdeen have made especially good use of these passes to romp (or should I say dodge..) around Scotland

Candy - Don't get me wrong..they have plenty of candy here, but am still sticking to 'no buy candy' rule (most of the time...) so if brought over from Canada it would be considered a gift and therefore devoid of calories & guilt

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Deodorant - Cool & Fresh Scent. I'm sorry the stuff over here is just not the same :(

K that is all I can think of now, and lunch is almost over...sigh.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, before comin gin October youcan resend this list. But no candy! :) Hoping you will call today so we can talk about my life altering decision!


Anonymous said...

This is not a very satisfying blog today. A list of needs/desires is fine but you gotta keep us entertained to keep us interested.


Shannon Courtney said...

In response to 2 of the above comments:

Jim - thank you for downloading..were you able to do teh archives as well? Many many thanks..gratly appreciated!

Mom(and all others who found this/other blogs less than satisfying)- THEre is good reason for lack of entertaining blogs..mnany reasons in fact:
1. majorly busy this week with flat hunting, doctors, entertaining Canadian visitor, working, gym, etc. Time for blog minimal
2. V. v fatigued from past weekend..ability to construct sentences minimal. Ability to be entertaining is nonexistent
3. ALways using my lunchtime to write in blog..often this means writing a ten minute blog. THis is not as easy as it sounds
4. LAckof entertainment in life

I wil try to do better tomorrow, I swear, but to all readers who think this is easy I challenge you to blog for a month. THen I challeneg you to blog for a month when you have ltd. INternet access. Sigh

Sorry has been a harrowing and stressful day..a bit on JEn has experienced.