Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday, glorious Friday. Never have I been so happy to finally see the end of the week. In short this week has been: hectic, crazy, harrowing, fun, cold and madly off in all directions.

To start, we had a visitor from good ol’ UPEI (Jared) with us from Monday until today. He’s just beginning a two month adventure around Europe (yes, I am jealous). WE did our best to show him a good Scottish time here in Edinburgh by attending authentic Scottish events in the evenings such as the movies (Shrek 2..there’s a Scottish accent in there somewhere) our fav. Magician Michael McKinley (of Scottish origin) and quiz night (at a Scottish pub..although was American themed b/c of July 4th/. AM produ to say we weren’t all that great at American President questions, although Keri knew exactly who had a hit with Covergirl in the early 90’s)

Secondly..we’ve been madly searching for a flat we can blow the Popsicle joint we’re presently living in. Honestly have to admit that we’re being a wee bit picky but after living in Newtown is hard not to be. IN any case, we have a bit of leeway as we don’t have to move out of our flat until July 30 at the latest…better option than Keri’s ‘live in a box idea.

Thirdly, have been trying to get my health in order (not that I am sick) by going to Doctor and visiting gym.

So..its been a busy week and I apologise (a little bit) if blog is not up to usual entertainment standards…I am a wee bit stressed out.

Speaking of stressed out. I goofed up big time on the job twice this week! Twice. I really didn’t think there was a way one could screw up at my job, but lo and behold I found two ways in one week. What can I say..I’m an over-achiever. In an ironic twist, I took a health & safety course at work this week and learned that stress can be related to underutilisation of skills & repetitive tasks (Yes & Yes), so have determined that I am majorly stressed as a result of my data entry job and nothing else… certain persons are stressing me out..just the job. Yep. If I tell myself that enough times I will believe it J

Tonite we (us gals + fellow Canadian) are going out for sup & then to see Fahrenheit 9/11. THE reviews in the newspaper are pretty discouraging, but one must keep in mind that newspapers are owned by rich people who are probably not sympathetic to Moore’s ideals. Well, will just have to see for myself I suppose.

I wish I had entertaining stories to tell..but, despite business of week, not much in the way of craziness..ha..but the weekend has just begun. Have noticed that my blog entries on Mondays are much more interesting than they are in the rest of the week. For those pressed w/time I recommend reading these entries only.


Anonymous said...

Covergirl... obviously NKOTB! Who doesn't know that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon:

See the requests for food and sweets! Well... been there... done that...and think of how hard you're working at the gym.... live the experience... be Scotish and the home stuff will be all the sweeter when you get back! Miss you lots.... Janet!

Jen said...

Still can't believe Keri knew that one... She's probably the only echo-boomer in the world to know it... ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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