Monday, June 28, 2004

Woohoo! Its Monday again already!!!

Right, so madly quick recap of weekend events in chronological order


Jen & Shannon go for jog, which quickly turns into speedwalk then leisurely jaunt

Shannon & Jen go out on town with Scottish bloke. They begin the night by unknowningly downing shots of Red Hoit CHili Pepper Vodka. Both are unusualy at a loss for words for the next wee while. They move on to The 3 Sisters, where they dance in uncoordinated but completely sexy manner while Steven shows them up with fancuy footwork and actual rhythym. ONwards & UpwardstoFIlthy McNAsty's it is..Jen has a plan to execute.Unfortunately, it does not go accordingly.


Eating,eating & more eating,witha side dish of eating.

Actually, day begins quite well..with Shannon & Jen visiting Fitness Fair and coming to conclusion that they will soon be FEncing FEmme Fatales.

From there it degenerated into eating samples at Sainsbury's, candy from the Pound Store and huge meal at the LInks..washed down with Pint of Carlsberg.

Watch Euro 2004 and try to figure out rules.Check outteh hot football playes. Keri & Shannon cheer b/c their team (Holland) winds in sudden-death O/T.

Go to Filthy McNasty's...drink v. little and sing even less.


Clothes shopping -S hannon discovers she's dropped a size since lastin Europe!!!!!! Buys 2 skirts.ONly realises afterwardsthat she has no footwear to go with them. NIkes just won't do. MOre shopping must be on agenda.

Shannon weighs herself and discovers that lack of exercise, alcohol indulgence, and increased candy consumption = weight loss of 6pounds since leaving Canada. Shannon vows to continue trying to lose weight by strictly adhering to this weight loss plan.

Sunday evening comes much too quickly and SHannon yet again becomes accomplice in Jen's master plan..which, if not guessed by now, involves visit to Filthy's ..

In any case, mission is accomplished! Kudos to Jen, she rules :)

K..c'est tout. Hmm..third-person blogging may not be allits madeout to be (if it was ever made out to be??)