Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Back Again today..having eaten my lunch very fast (roll & Green apple..ultra healthy oh yeah) I have about 20 mins to write on blog today! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Acutally am wondering whether this blogging at lunch thing may be rather anti-social..could go to cafeteria with co-workers I suppose, but would feel rather out of place being only one with lunch from home ( I refuse to buy lunch..way too expensive..am quite sure that in time this will not be consideration..but am just too po at the mo).

In any case..my plan to make sure everyone on team knows and remembers who I am is simple..bring in Candy/Sweeties - specifically a big bag of Celebrations (these little mini-chocolate bar type things...yummy and not necessarily cheap). Some might question whether this would be an attempt on my part to bypass self-imposed NO BUYING CANDY rule..and the simple answer would be: Yes, yes it is. But whatever..clothes I bought jsut ebfore leaving are falling off me (ok..it hasn't actually happened yet,that would be extremely embarassing..but a few close calls)

So..news of the day - well,other than catching up on sleep, not a whole lot to report. Last night we all just chillaxed at the flat, save for the mini-jog that Jen & I took..we are getting too fast for our own good. As for my thoughts on the jogging (Jen thinks it is getting bland),I would have to say there are better ways to get exercise..my fav is likely dancing..but would not be opposed to joining football team or building a swimming pool (must be heated though!) .

In other random thoughts:

Completely forgot about this, but before I left Canada I went into teh Schol of BUsiness and picked up my new diploma/degree (since I skipped out on Graduation..how horrible of me..so everyone says anyway..I still say Myrtle'sStep Class was more enjoyable way to spend Saturday morning! ).Anyway..according to diploma my Bachelor of ARTS degree has officially been converted to a Bachelor of Business Admin with Honours. That's quite the leap..from William Shakespeare to Adam Smith. So I now have Bachelor of Business with Co-op and Bachelor of Arts converted to BBA with Honours. Am actually starting to consider possible ways I could use this to my advantage in 'Catch Me If You Can' type of way . The reason I mention this is simple..I am too lazy to send an email to Mom asking whether she's had a chance to check in with Registrar's Office...so Hint Hint (But know you are busy and no hurry for degree...apparently they are of little/no value on this side of the Atlantic anyway!)

Keri & Jen are going to London this weekend, leaving me all to my own devices in Edinburgh. Am slightly concerned that I may use those devices to my own demise :) Nah..all is good..will find myself some cool replacements (as if these two gals could be replaced) and rock out. Other option is to visit Aberdeen girls and listen to Elton John(fromoutside walls of stadiuma twhich he is playing). Enticing, but I'm just not sure....will see.

Funnels - they had better be plentiful over here..we've yet to go on a funnel-hunt, but we've got big plans to which funnel(s) are central to execution...ahem. Not to worry...we are responsible with funnels!

Stores close much too early...normally at 6.00 in the evening. How am I supposed to frivilously spend all the money I don't have if the stores aren't open?? This sitch is particularly disturbing given that there are stil five hours of perfectly good daylight out...shopping in the day, drinking in the evening, sleeping in the wee hours of the morn..that is how it is supposed to go..but store hours and excessive daylight here have made things a bit screwy.

K..that's all the time I have for today. Tonight = Magic + Fish & Chips! Could it get any better??

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new diploma is a done deal