Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monumental Events and (Finally) Pictures

On September 26th, my OLDer sister, Sahra, turned the big 3-0! Wow, how does it feel to enter a new decade sis? I hope you had a wonderful time on PEI - I am envious of you, being at home when Mom is harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden and the apple orchards are open and the fall colours are just starting to make an appearance.

In other sister-related news....CONGRATULATIONS TO SAHRA & HENRY, who are engaged (finally, as if there was really any doubt!). Anyhoo, looks like I will have to come home in 2008 for the ceremony - looking forward to it :) Oh, and I know Sahra won't agree, but I believe that since she will most likely be the first to get married (unless I find myself desperate for an Aussie/European passport..) the onus is on her to provide the first grandkids! I want to be the jetsetting aunt who feeds the kids all sorts of candy, makes them hyper then gets to leave the scene of the candy crime!

PICTURE TIME (I hope). Thanks to my friend, Brett, I actually have some digital pics from my first two months (wow, how time has flown) in Australia.
Here are just a few to start with:

Shannon and Shannon at an AFL match

OK, want to post more pics but having trouble at the moment. . .

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