Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cruises, Brothels and Other Fun Things

Another brilliant week has passed by! I celebrated my two month anniversary of arriving in Australia. Obviously the only way to properly celebrate was to indulge in some local produce (aka vino).

During the week I went to see two movies. This was more in an attempt to be social than anything else. On Tuesday I went to see a teen flick (the one with Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives) and on Thursday I went to see Nacho Libre with Shannon. Jack Black rocks (see High Fidelity), but I wasn't so sure about this particular film. Well in the end it turned out to be hilarious, but I'm still not sure if it was the movie itself or the fact that I was sitting right beside that person in the theatre who has a wonderfully loud, unique and contagious laugh. Shannon could make millions in voiceovers with his evil laugh. Really, I am serious.

Friday night I decided in advance to be slightly sinful. Went to the local Citi infested bar with Mary and Amanda at 5.00, met up with a couple of new gal friends later on and then hit the town in slightly stumbling style. Went from the Retro to Cargo and managed to sober up enough to convince the doorman I was worthy of entry to Cargo. All in all it was a great evening!

Saturday I spent some time on my own. It was a gorgeous day, so after my morning jog I took a wander into the city, bought some things I didn't need and headed down to Darling Harbour to enjoy the waterviews. Spontaneously decided to treat myself to a harbour cruise which included complimentary drinks and canapes. I was the only one cruising solo, but quickly made friends with a wonderful couple from COlorado and became the onboard photographer! Sydney at dusk, from the harbour is amazing. We passed under the Harbour Bridge and by the Opera House.

Spent the rest of the evening in and took it easy. After my flatmates had gone to bed I heard someone shaking the gate outside our house. We have two locked doors - one is basically a gate, and then there's the interior door. Anywyas, I went to investigate aned found a midldle-aged drunk guy standing outside the door. He asked if this was the 'Men's Store' and I replied no and slammed teh door shut. Thank goodness for the gate between us though. This morning I told Marco of the encounter and he mentioned that before Jeanie's brother bought the house, it was, in fact a brothel. When she first moved in Jeanie was constantly having to tell men that the Me'ns Store had closed! What a colourful history this place has had - you would never guess by looking at it! Kind of like most people I guess. . . appearances are decieving!

Today I went jogging again and then hung out with Brett & Peter for lunch. a non-eventful day, but a brilliant one in any case. This evening I watched 'What the Bleep Do We Know'. What a mind bender of a film! I am still digesting the implications of its implications. If that makes sense...

And so it is. How much does time matter? How much does disance matter? Can we control our destiny? Should I listen to my gut instinct or do the expected thing? The sensible thing? What is there to lose? What is there to gain?

I need to know something. And the only way I can know is by being somewhere else. Somewhere very far from here. At least I think so. But then, after watching that film, maybe distance doesn't matter. Maybe addictions to emotions are what need to be cured. Quantum mechanics/physics aside..what if distance does matter...can it wait another eight months? That is what I need to figure out. I need to sleep on this one.

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