Monday, September 11, 2006

Bollywood Baby

I’m starting to get into a routine and as much as I’ve shunned this at times in the past, I am actually enjoying the predictability of my life as of late. My work days begin at 6.30 when I wake up, have a quick soy shake and make my way to the gym in the Citigroup tower. Sweat up a storm for 50 to 60 minutes, then it’s up another 5 levels to my desk on Level 10. Usually I go back to the gym at lunch to do some weight lifting then, after a productive and engaging afternoon back at the computer, I head home to my mostly not bed bug infested flat. Often I take a detour to see if pineapples are on sale at Coles. I’ve become a bit of a pineapple addict, which is bizarre because I used to shun pineapple and now I carry one home almost every night. If you want to make amends with someone, give them a pineapple – it’s the international symbol of friendship. Of course, it doesn’t seem like many people know this so you might want to include a wee note so the recipient recognizes the gesture! Evenings are spent prepping healthy suppers, chatting with flatmates, watching bad television (Australian Idol takes the cake in this regard) and writing emails and blog posts!

OK, that’s the end of boring ‘day in the life of Shannon’. Although, really I don’t find it boring at all!! Suppose this is because I like my job, enjoy working out and LOVE eating good food!!

I had a great weekend, which started a bit early. Friday was an off-site for work. This translated into a boring morning of presentations followed by a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of team-building activities and an evening filled with wine, food and fun!
The theme of the day was Bollywood. One of our team building activities was to do a team song and dance, Bollywood style – we decided to do a skit at the beginning and I somehow ended up being one of the leads. Oh dear. I did not dare try an Indian accent. Later on we had to do the voice and sound over for a Bolllywood movie (dubbing it). It was soooo funny.

In the evening we had a 4 course Indian buffet – everyone came dressed in Bollywood style. It was hilarious and overindulgent and I loved every minute of it!
Saturday was a bit of a write-off. We had a rainy rainy day, reminiscent of Edinburgh. I spent the day getting new bedroom stuff – mattress, sheets, quilt, etc. In the evening I went out with a few friends, but chose not to drink due to the whole ‘marathon pre-training’ thingie

Sunday I went for an hour long jog in the am, then ventured out in the afternoon to visit the Powerhouse Museum. This is Australia’s biggest museum and its focus is on science and discovery. I went specifically to see the EcoLogic exhibition, which is all about creating a sustainable world – starting at home and looking at all facets of everyday living. It was very interesting, enlightening and, well, disturbing too.

Finally, late in the afternoon I went to Paddy’s Market in Chinatown – this is a place where people sell their wares- mostly knockoff items like perfume that smells like toilet water and ripped CDs that are of subpar quality, however there is an adjacent fruit and vegetable market like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was massive and crowded, but totally worth it for the prices and selection of yummy, fresh veg. A pineapple for $1!!!!!

And that is how I ended the weekend, with a pineapple under my arm.

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