Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Can't Believe I'm Going to Bootcamp

Tomorrow another chapter in my bid to get fit commences. The chapter is called BOOTCAMP. Yes, that’s right, I’ve voluntarily forked over $200 in exchange for ten weeks of intense, torture-like exercise. It’s time to hardcore.

The only problem is the growing feeling of trepidation and fear that has been building up inside me all day. You see, I blindly signed up for Bootcamp without getting any of the details upfront. As it is being offered via Citibank gym at lunchtime, I naively thought it was basically going to held in the workout room and probably be similar to a cardio class, except with progress reports. Hahahahahaha. Yeah..right.

So I was rather surprised when I finally got around to talking with the trainer (aka – woman I will come to hate) and was told we’d be running around the freaking city, doing random painful things at intervals. Ugh. Lots of abs apparently.

Mental note – check travel insurance to make sure ‘exhaustion’, ‘dehydration’, ‘collapsing’ and ‘keeling over in pain’ are covered.

Life has been pretty good as of late. Had a lovely long weekend here, as the Aussies celebrated Labour Day on Monday. Didn’t make any plans for the weekend, but ended up staying busy via some new friends I’ve made through Gumtree. As odd (desperate?) as it may seem to make friends via a bulletin-board website, I’ve met some absolutely fabulous people through it (and, admittedly, a couple of ‘interesting’ people).

Just for the record – I am off the alcohol for the time being – all part of the torturous regimen I seem to have concocted for myself.

Right, so Friday night was work drinks w/o the drinks. It was alright, but nothing to write home about (or blog about for that matter).

Saturday afternoon I hung out with a English girl (Lisa). We watched the first half of the AFL Grand Final – it was Sydney Vs Perth – a BIG BIG game, as these teams had played each other last year and the Sydney Swans won. Well, they weren’t doing as well this year (in the end they only lost by one point). Watched a movie, then had a BBQ and went to an RSL to listen to The Fumes play (great rock blues band). An RSL, by the way, is kind of like the Legion……meant to be for the veterans. Well, let me tell you, I didn’t see any Vets around, only lots and lots of guys that were…um….yummy J !

Sunday I went to the Botanical Gardens and had a picnic with a bunch of other people from Gumtree. Spent the afternoon eating and enjoying the sun, then carried on into the night with drinks (just Diet Coke for me!) down in Darling Harbour.

Monday was pretty quiet – just enjoyed some more sun, did some errands and slept in!

OK, so work is super busy these days and I’ve just been asked to do some overtime for the team I originally started at Citibank with. Yay – I need money for things like travelling…and rent.

Will post some more pics when the Internet connection is better!

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