Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pledge of Tears

Here in Australia, spring is in full swing and the weather is lovely. Beneath the surface, however, the weather is already wreaking havoc on life here - the earliest season for bushfires ever has already displaced people from their homes and Sydney is officially in a drought. In Canada, I imagine the fall colours are making a bright and beautiful stamp on the landscape, but there too, I fear that just below the surface, things are not normal. Last year, winter did not come to Canada. And I wonder - will it come this year?

In January of this year I wrote something from the heart, which I am now ready to share with those who would like to read it. Please acecpt that it is not an argumentative piece, it is a very personal lament written completely from the heart.

As this piece is not something everyone will want to read, I've placed it on the Real Living Blog. If you want to read it, click on the link to the right (Real Living Blog) or simply click here.

Thank you and please be good to the Earth.

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