Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Day at the Races

I am sore - it hurts to type, but I am a trooper, or possibly masochistic, so I carry on. Bootcamp on Thursday, Kickboxing on Friday and an afternoon in heels on Saturday - could it get any more torturous? Apparently it could and will.

This weeks' torture regimen goes something like this: Bootcamp (MON), Run (TUES), Cardio &Weights (WED), Bootcamp (THURS), Kickboxing (FRI).

Yay! OK, enough about my self-inflicted pain....yesterday I went UPPER CLASS!

That is to say, I went to the horse races. Unlike on PEI, where going to the horse races is most definitely not something you dress up for and quite possibly something you dress DOWN for, horse racing in Sydney takes on the British tradition of men in suits and women in dresses and fancy hats.

But let me back up here ... so a few of my friends were planning to go to the races and I was debating - the admission was $30 and then I'd have to buy a dress, cause I did not forsee the need to pack one for such an occassion. Well, by Friday night I decided I was going to pass on the Saturday afternoon activities. In fact, I had a sneaking suspicion I would be immobile and suffering from 'second day' pain of kickboxing.

Come Saturday morning I glanced at my phone and noticed 3 missed calls - all from Lisa, an English girl whom I've become friends with. Well, boy am I glad I returned that phone call! She was going to the races with her boyfriend and a few of his single mates and they had an extra FREE ticket. Oh, and this was a free ticket for the 'Lawn Party' section, which meant we would have access to all the FREE food and FREE booze (wine, beer adn Bacardis) that we wanted. The ticket was worth $170.

I thought long and hard...for about 2 seconds, then jumped at the offer! Lisa was kind enough to lend me a lovely white skirt and black halter top, so I 'kind of' fit in with all the women in their fancy dresses and feathered hats. Wow, there were a lot of beautiful men & women at the races that afternoon. there were also some men in Joe Boxer briefs - not sure why, but who really cares? The spread for the 'Posh' people was amazzing- loads of food booths with burgers, pizza, sushi, chinese, salads, sweets, etc. And, of course, the open bars..... There was also live music, performers and a pamper tent where they were giving foot massages and makeovers for free. Yeah, everything was free.

So, given that it was a FREE day, I decided to place a few bets on the horse races (you know, the official reason for the afternoon's party). On the first race,I bet on two horses to place and #4 came third! My $2 bet on 'He's NO Pie Eater' gave me a $9 return! The only the time I got around to cashing in my ticket, I'd lost it. I blame the small purse I was carrying - nothing to do with the two glasses of wine I'd consumed.

So, yeah that was the highlight of my weekend. i am really tired now and it's early Sunday evening. I have no reason to be tired, but I think it's got something to do with the exercise I've been doing.

OK - that's all for now folks!

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